Can Diffusing Essential Oils Make You Feel Light-Headed?

Nicole/ April 20, 2018

A common question we see asked is: can diffusing essential oils make you feel light-headed? Can diffusing essential oils make you feel light-headed? The quick answer: Yes. Diffusing essential oils can make you feel light-headed. But, there is more to it than that. When you’re new to using essential oils, chances are

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Restore Smelly Flat Towels with this DIY Towel Refresh

Nicole/ April 18, 2018

Don’t you just hate it when your towels start to get a bit funky? You wash them, but something just doesn’t feel or smell right. You have two options: turn them into rags and go buy new ones… or restore those tired towels for more use. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend

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DIY Wood Cleaner and Polish Recipe

Nicole/ April 17, 2018

What could be worse than the sneezing rampage as you dust your furniture? That dust poofs up and achoo! It never seems to end. And forget leaving the windows open in the spring, during the pollen-apocalypse that just coats every surface in an endless cycle of constant dust and sneeze frenzy that

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Creating More Abundance In Your Life

Nicole/ April 13, 2018

Abundance. What does it mean? What does it mean to live abundantly? Are you looking to welcome more of something in your life? Health? Wealth? Happiness? Time? Togetherness? Love? Yes! Leading a life of abundance can mean so many different things. By definition Abundance is to have a large amount of something.

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Need More Energy??

Nicole/ April 11, 2018

  We’ve all been there… feeling great one moment… and then you crash hard, ready for a mid-afternoon nap that your job (and kids) frown upon. Most of us aren’t able to hide away for the coveted afternoon siesta, but still find that we need more energy. If you’re still using toxic energy

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12 Rules For Using Essential Oils Safely

Nicole/ April 10, 2018

Essential oils are natural products, but that doesn’t mean they are ok to use as-is out of the bottle. Essential oils are highly concentrated, and although come from plants made by nature, they can irritate the skin, cause headaches, or other irritations if misused. 1. Keep them out of reach of children.

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How To Care For And Store Essential Oils

Nicole/ April 9, 2018

Essential oils, like most volatile liquids, need to be stored appropriately to ensure they maintain their therapeutic qualities. Preserving your precious essential oils requires a few simple steps. First lets talk a bit about the four basic categories your oils fall into. Each oil category has slightly different requirements for storage. Pure steam

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Which is better? Young Living or doTERRA

Nicole/ April 5, 2018

The more I write and the more you get to know me, the more you will realize I am mildly addicted to information, and sharing my research. This time I dove into researching two popular essential oils brands, and decided to share my journey and findings with you all. Yes, I do

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Diffusing Essentail Oils Safely

Nicole/ April 4, 2018

Using essential oils safely is an important topic to cover. Essential oils are highly concentrated and need to be handled with care, even when just diffusing essential oils. Diffusing essential oils is where you add oils to a diffuser. There are many types of diffusers. Some use tap water, some use distilled

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Young Living Essential Oils Are Expensive! Right??

Nicole/ March 26, 2018

You’re loving learning about essential oils so far, and you keep hearing about how great Young Living oils are… then you run into a bottomless pit of blogs telling you all about how Young Living is a colossal waste of money because they swear all essential oils are the same, and you

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Read This Before Starting An Essential Oils Business

Nicole/ March 24, 2018

Have you thought about starting an essential oils business? There are some things you need to before you open up shop or sign up for any special programs. There are a few options for running an essential oils business: Online retail sales Retail sales in a local shop Affiliate marketing sales Network

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Can lemon essential oil lighten skin?

Nicole/ March 20, 2018

You’re up… Coffee brewing… Starting your day. You make your way to the mirror, seeing reminders of all the obnoxious imperfections the mirror so judgmentally reflects. Those dark, dull spots… the ones that didn’t use to be there in your younger days. Sigh… the struggle is real. Desperate to look like the

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Get To Know Your Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Nicole/ March 15, 2018

Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit features 11 of the most used essential oils and oil blends. It is the fastest and most efficient way to dive into the world of essential oils. Essential oils include: Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint, and Copaiba Essential oil blends include: Raven, Citrus Fresh, Pan Away, Thieves, DiGize, and Stress Away ​ The oils in the Premium

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Do You Want FREE Essential Oils?????

Nicole/ March 6, 2018

  ​Yes! You can earn high quality essential oils FOR FREE! There are a few programs Young Living offers that you can participate in to “earn” free oils. Young Living offers a rewards program with a new bonus rewards program. They also offer free products each month when you spend a certain

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