6 Tips To Get What You Want

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Are you stuck wanting something, but can’t figure out how to get it?​ We grow up constantly hearing “you can’t always get what you want” – but anyone who has seen success knows that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to achieve it. 

1. First you must decide what it is you want….

What is it you want?​

A better lifestyle with less stress and more funds?

A more successful business?​

More income? A happier work environment?​ More satisfaction with what you’re doing?

​A healthier life without pill fatigue, caffeine crashes, and side effects?

2. List out 5 reasons WHY you deserve to have what you want.

Once you have those reasons established… take it a level further… why is it you want what you want? Especially look for an emotional attachment to that reason. ​

Why? Because each and every time you fail at achieving your goal, you need a reason to keep moving forward… to keep pushing through… to keep focused on that mission that you desperately want to achieve.​ The reasoning behind desiring success will help keep you motivated as you strive to reach it.

​Life will catch you when you’re off guard, unprepared, and not expecting hardship. Remembering your reason for this journey to get what you want is imperative to keep you from stopping. Only true failure happens when you stop. 

3. Establish a game plan and work your butt off​

Many doors will close… this is when most people give up… you can’t win if you don’t play.

  • Be fearless
  • Be relentless
  • Be courageous

“If you want something, you’ve got to be relentless” – Les Brown

You need to decide whether or not you deserve what you want… if you decide you deserve it, then you need to make every effort to make it happen.

When you feel like you’re failing, ​remember your reason… that purpose driving you. Then readdress why you’re failing and how you can alter your plan to be more efficient and productive.

Make sure what you’re doing isn’t actually busy work to keep you busy. Being busy is often equated with feeling successful.. but the truth is: its not. Just because you’re busy with a full 80-hour working calendar doesn’t mean you will be more successful than the people who work 10-20 hours a week, making the same income (if not more). 

4. Give the word notice that you’re not going to quit

​Be unapologetic for who you are, what you want, and how you’re going to get it. 

Dive into some personal development. Improving yourself is essential for growing into who you need to become to achieve your goals. We are cleverly designed as human beings to continually grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. The more you stretch and improve who you are, the more opportunities that will open up to you, and the better you’ll be able to handle them. 

Become an inspiration. When you inspire other people to better themselves, you yourself become a better person… it is a key indicator that you’re on the right track.

Become a servant. Nothing in life is guaranteed… and success is much more difficult when you’re selfish. The old days of life being about you and you still being successful are long gone. You may be able to keep your head above water with this mentality, but you won’t soar into abundance. To truly skyrocket your impact and your reward, you need to serve other people in some capacity.

5. Overcome cultural blocks. 

If you haven’t heard it before: your skin color… your background… your gender… your lifestyle preferences… your current income… your childhood… your grades or education level… NONE OF IT MATTERS when it comes to your potential for success.

I’ve seen first hand people who dropped out of school before making it past the elementary ages, growing up in the poor side of town, grow up to become multimillionaires running their own businesses.

I’ve been that forgotten veteran, slipping through the cracks of programs designed to help with medical and housing needs… just to move forward and create successful businesses.

I’ve seen women and minorities overcome “glass ceilings” by working for themselves… starting out with a budding business on the side that turns into a monster of a business, retiring their entire family while working less than 30 hours a week and taking random vacations.​

Who you were, what “demographic” you fall into, where you grew up… it doesn’t matter. If you want success, be unapologetic , find a mentor, and do what you need to do to bring success into your life. And do it in a manner where you can inspire and serve other people… 

Lets stop these cultural blocks that dictate what you can and cannot do… and lets do it together. ​

​6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

​You don’t need to get it all right all the time… especially at first.

Making mistakes is how we learn. It is the most efficient way to learn. Why? Because without making mistakes, you won’t realize what works, what doesn’t, or why. ​

When you’re making mistakes… that means you’re doing something… that means you’re seeing results for what you’re doing. 

When you’re working towards that lifestyle you want, you need to make mistakes. It also helps to learn from the mistakes of others, and to invest in coaching from people who have been through your journey so you can maximize your efforts… but everything worth having takes effort to make it through various challenges.​

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