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Business Review: Young Living vs doTERRA

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Both Young Living and doTERRA offer business opportunities to their wholesale customers.

You do need to be a wholesale customer, purchasing 100pv each month you wish to qualify for bonuses and commissions… this is required by both companies. Why? Because it makes sense for you to be familiar and using the products you’re selling to other people.

My Personal Experience Disclaimer

This post is based 100% on my experiences purchasing from both companies, and the information I concluded during this time. I have a post that discusses product differences that you are also welcome to check out.

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Who am I? I am a military-trained information research analyst who spent over a year comparing Young Living and doTERRA’s products, experiencing both company’s cultures, communicating with both companies’ customer service, and looking into both companies’ business opportunities.

I love information… and I love to share the information I find.

I started my comparison with doTERRA and Young Living searching for the better products. Initially, I wanted to prove doTERRA was superior… and ended up finding that Young Living’s products worked better for my personal and family needs. During this year-long comparison process, I also looked into the business opportunity for both, thinking it would be nice to support a friend in need who happened to become my doTERRA Sponsor, just in case I met someone interested in the business that I could refer to her.

Not my first rodeo

This is not my first experience with network marketing, so I was already familiar with the basics of MLM compensation structure.

I wasn’t specifically looking to indulge in another network marketing company after having miserable experiences with two other companies, but I felt I should know everything I could just in case an unintended business came out of it… which is exactly what happened… and precisely what lead to this website becoming a thing.

Compensation Plan Differences

I see this question pop up a lot…

Initially… Young Living. Hands down. There is absolutely no refuting when you’re starting out you will make 8% on your commissions (after your initial 3 month new member bonus period expires with Young Living… which is only 60 days with doTERRA), where as you make 2% commissions with doTERRA on your level 1 members.

The best way to answer this… it depends… primarily on HOW your specific organization is structured.

When looking directly at the compensation plans, it appears DT provides higher commission compensation abilities because they have a higher earning percentages for the lower levels of your “legs,” and because they eventually allow you to qualify for 7 levels for commissions… where as Young Living caps out at 5 levels. However, Young Living’s leadership bonuses more than make up for the difference in the level commission percentages. Even looking at the Income Disclosures, it seems doTERRA’s leaders make more money.

Once you achieve the Silver levels of Young Living and doTERRA, the playing field levels out, according to each company’s Income Disclosures and talking with several individual Diamond Leaders from both companies.

While averages are great… they only give us a piece of the picture… especially when your organization will look very different from everyone else’s. For example: managing 6 qualified level 1 builders doesn’t mean only 6 members will be on your level 1… as is the same for each of your levels. These average incomes just show what the average is across the company, and not a direct reflection of what your business will look like.

What I found… after breaking down each rank’s commissions PLUS bonus rewards, talking to high level earners, and factoring in the Income Disclosure… leaders who perform at the same ORGANIZATIONAL VOLUME make similar income.

The defining factor more aligns with how you structure your organization.

The biggest difference… doTERRA has 10 Wellness Advocate ranks. Young Living has 9. doTERRA’s top rank is achieved before Young Living’s highest 3 ranks. So you advance through the ranks faster with doTERRA.

What does that even mean and why is it important?? Well… if you have the personality trait that thrives on recognition… doTERRA may be a better option for you, as you’ll be recognized for rising up in the ranks faster than Young Living because the rank structure has lower numbers to qualify you on. If you don’t care… then I don’t believe the compensation plan will make much of a difference.

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I was, however, having fun talking about my oil knowledge with a few people who knew I grew up with them and kept asking questions (specifically about my journey healing my body from chronic autoimmune issues). At one point, my doTERRA sponsor asked me why I was providing my coaching for free, and why I wasn’t taking advantage of any type of business opportunity or create my own opportunity, especially with her knowing I was not even able to afford the most basic life expenses, making $974 each month on veteran disability. I prayed and meditated a lot about it and decided I would continue serving people, and provide them the option to use the same product line I used through my autoimmune recovery… and an accidental business was born… inspiring this website to be created. This was the only way I could see and justify around my poor money mindset and low-level of self-worth.

I chose Young Living to build a business with mainly because I truly believe in the products and the spirit of the company. After diving deep into comparing both companies’ products…. I felt Young Living worked better for my family. That was my main deciding factor.

I loved Young Living’s Seed To Seal guarantee, that they own many of their farms, and have direct oversight of the farms they use but don’t own – knowing what is in each oil, where it came from, how it’s farmed, and that they are distilled on site right away really resonated with me. I love how distributors are regularly encouraged to participate with the farms and distillations to see how things are done and be a part of the process too (this was HUGE for me being a truth-seeker and research junkie).

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Since deactivating my doTERRA account, I’ve learned they have started a program similar to Seed To Seal, stepping up their quality game… so I am even more resolute in my encouragement to you to try both companies products first, before making any business decisions, to ensure you’re making the right product line choice for your family.

Choosing a Team

While you *can* build a successful, thriving business without the “ideal” up-line… it is much more difficult than to interview and seek out an up-line who resonates with you and will offer you the type of customized support you need. I say this because I receive messages almost daily from people who need help growing their business because they don’t feel supported, encouraged, or heard. It really does break my heart.

I chose the team I did because of their superior level of support and constant willingness to help, which align beautifully with my personality and business ethics. We all band together to teach classes online so no one member feels isolated or overloaded. My mentors have experience building both online and in person, and perfected the art on how to maximize merging the two together, which beautifully compliments my business degree, lifestyle needs, and love for strategy. They have also been God-sends with patience as I transitioned through physical healing, numerous interstate moves, having kids, and living through every excuse to not have a business. (You can read more about my personal story over at:

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When it comes to the YL vs DT debate… I firmly believe you won’t go wrong with either company.

I firmly believe this is a very personal decision, and your two top factors should be: THE TEAM and THE PRODUCTS.

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While I know you can always hire a coach to help you through building a business if you are lacking the support you need (I even offer these services), it is much easier and more cost effective to just choose the right team from the beginning. If you already have a business started and need additional help… please find a coach. Don’t give up on your dreams just because you’re having difficulty. You’re worth more than that… and you’re really not going to find a better opportunity than you have with either of these two companies. Where else can you find healthy products, quality oils, AND get paid for sharing about them??

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