Remove Skincare Toxins!

Nicole/ March 8, 2016

Toxic ingredients are in skincare, hair care, fragrance, and cosmetic products in every store. Our voice is so important and today we ask for you to use it to ask for change. We ask for your help to enact change to remove skincare toxins. In honor of Beautycounter’s 3rd birthday, we ask

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Why Should I Use Essential Oils?

Nicole/ February 22, 2016

Why use essential oils? Other than smelling amazing, essential oils have many properties that help you feel better without any nasty or toxic chemical additives that potentially could produce annoying or dangerous side effects. There are plenty of reasons to use essential oils. Essential oils can help you to: overcome occasional nausea, reduce occasional tension headaches

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Safe Nontoxic Cleaner 

Nicole/ December 6, 2015

Grease, grime, dirt, muck. If there is one thing we all have in common, it’s the need to clean the spaces we live, work, and play in. There is a mystery, though, of what ingredients are actually used to make our cleaning solvents. Some of these ingredients are caustic. Some are carcinogenic.

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Remove Toxins From Your Bathroom

Nicole/ September 21, 2015

Your bathroom. You stress over it being clean, but have you spent much time looking through the products you use? Is Your Cleaning Really Cleaning? Most everything for me to write about cleaning was already discussed in my post, Removing Toxins From Your Kitchen. I use Thieves cleaner (a plant-based toxin-free cleaner

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