Chapped, dry skin? Try this!

Dry skin is no joke… especially in the winter time when there is less moisture in the air. Don’t you hate when your feet feel like sandpaper??

Feeling the need to keep socks on at night just so you don’t scratch your legs in your sleep… that never-ending itching… nothing seems to help…

Perhaps it’s not that nothing helps… perhaps its the ingredients in most lotions contain ingredients that irritate your skin. Too many lotions, serums, and cremes contain ingredients derived from petrochemicals, pthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes or other synthetic chemicals that are known to cause skin irritations. Its shocking those ingredients would even be used in a lotion designed to help soothe your skin!

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When we deal with our skin drying (usually when we move to new locations, during the winter time, and during those days where you just can’t seem to drink enough water), we jump into a little DIY with some homemade lotions and body butters that work wonders on rehydrating our skin.

This winter, we are just getting settled into our new house in Texas. We just moved from Virginia, and are acclimating to the drier and warmer climate. My feet have become so dry and rough, I’m sure you could light a match on them. Meanwhile, my husband has been having red, dry patches pop up all over his body. Nothing was helping, so he finally asked me to make something. Thankfully I had just enough of our kitchen unpacked to have found my mango butter, beeswax, and a pot… and cleared enough kitchen space from all the unpacking to put together a batch of body butter for us.

Forget lotions containing petrochemicals, whether they're on the label or hidden under "fragrance"... this DIY body butter lotion will help support your skin as it heals from being too dry and cracked

I used the approximate same base recipe as in my homemade body butter post, but used different oils in it that are more masculine smelling and geared specifically towards helping dry, chapped, and cracked skin.

I say approximate because we are still less than half way through unpacking our kitchen… literally all we had was a mason jar, the ingredients, a silicone spatula, a glass baby bottle, an oven mitt, and a pot for boiling water. All my measuring spoons and measuring cups are still wrapped in packing paper, secured in boxes.

The good news… you don’t need exact measurements, so approximating is perfectly ok!

What you’ll need:

How we made it:

We used an 8oz wide-mouth mason jar, put a large handful of beeswax pellets in it (maybe an oz?), stuck it in a pot with water deep enough to cover most the sides, and waited for the wax to melt.

When the beeswax was mostly melted, I added approximately 6oz of mango butter. I added the mango butter one heaping spoonful at a time, allowing it to soften and melt enough to add another heaping spoonful until there was enough to mostly fill the jar (just below the where the neck began). We also added 8 pumps of sweet almond oil. Allow to melt. Using this method, the pot did bubble a little under the jar, so I do recommend staying nearby and not leaving it on the stove unattended.

While the mix was on the stove, I put together the essential oils, checking the aroma to ensure it didn’t come out too girly for my husband to want to use. To mix the oils together, we used the glass base of a glass baby bottle. This helped me work out the aroma I was looking for.

It only took a few mins to melt. When it was all melted, we stirred the mix, turned off the stove, and moved the jar from its water bath. At that point, I added essential oils to the mix. 

  • 15 drops tea tree
  • 30 drops each patchouli, palmarosa, and geranium
  • 40 drops lavender
  • 50 drops each of blue cypress and frankincense
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I chose these oils because they are all fantastic for supporting skin health.

  • Tea tree – rich in monoterpines, and excellent at helping tissue regenerate and is purifying to the skin.
  • Patchouli – rich in sequesterpines, helps dissolve toxins in the body, is great for helping reduce the appearance of cellulite, helps calm itching, protects against UV radiation, and great to use when the skin is stressed. It is also super calming.
  • Palmarosa – helps stimulate new cell growth, is moisturizing, helps regulate skin oil production, and supports your skin through healing.
  • Geranium – helps soothe your liver (over-burdened liver may show symptoms on your skin), and is such a peaceful oil
  • Lavender – a universal oil that is amazing for everything skin. This Swiss Army Knife of essential oils is a quick go-to that helps with almost everything
  • Blue Cypress – is a fantastic perfume/cologne with its woodsy aroma. It helps improve minor aches, circulation, and may help with overall skin health as well.
  • Frankincense – helps support the normal appearance of skin, and is a go-to oil for helping support skin health.

And let it cool. It cools solid.

If we would have had our mixer and metal bowl unpacked, we would have set up a double boiler. Using a double boiler to make this would have made it so much easier to whip this mix to make it light, fluffy, and silky. Using this method is definitely a nice treat for your skin, but isn’t required. Using it as a solid works just fine too. If you’re using it as a solid, it will melt in your hands and on your skin as you rub it in.

Where we bought our ingredients:

Where we buy our oils:

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