How To Make Money Without A Job

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Making money when you can’t work… This is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. Why? Because after leaving the Navy in 2008, I have been unable to work due to health issues, being “over qualified,” being “under qualified,” or for having unreasonable employment gaps. The first 5 years of life as a veteran daintily wasn’t kind to me, and I see a lot of veterans feeling the same way, and running into similar obstacles. While this post isn’t about veterans specifically, they do motivate me to help come up with creative ways you can overcome your circumstances, and I see an overwhelming number of people not affiliated with the military needing the same help!

Lets have a serious chat for a bit… lets talk about what is holding you back, how to move forward, creating a game plan, and a few ideas on how you can create money legally when finding a job (or an additional job) is impossible.

You wouldn’t know it looking at me now, but I spent most of my 20s living between my bed and a couch because I couldn’t physically do much more (including failed suicide attempts). I managed to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Business out of desperation because earning the monthly housing stipend through the GI Bill was the only thing keeping me somewhat capable of affording to live.

I couldn’t work. My health was a nightmare. And often I couldn’t make it to my classes, which thankfully was not enough to ruin my degree program thanks to having professors who were willing to work with me via email when I couldn’t travel.

In fact, after graduating, I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) to prevent me from being on the streets because local and veterans programs designed to help people like me kept turning me down thanks to “loopholes” citing excuses that I should qualify for other program’s assistance. Living on $974 monthly veteran’s disability wasn’t anywhere close to being enough to cover half my rent, utilities, food, or transportation… but somehow managed to be enough disqualify me from homeless services, welfare, and food stamps. On paper, I was a classic candidate for receiving support… but still ended up one of MANY veterans who fell through the cracks.

​By the time I became well enough to try to work, I was told I had too large of an unemployment gap to be seriously considered, and my technical knowledge was outdated. Not a good recipe for trying to pick myself up. 

So… what do you do when you’re unable to work?​

Honestly… that depends on you. 

You have 2 choices:

  1. ​Accept the cards you’ve been dealt, do nothing, keep your life the same, and sink into a spiraling depression dwelling on the negativity of nothing changing while blaming the government/politicians or other organizations/people for not helping.
  2. Make a choice to make a change, figure out what you need to do to make your life better, and follow an action plan that will allow you achieve your goals to move yourself towards a better life.

There is no right or wrong answer. If you don’t want to make a change, then don’t. If you’re tired of feeling stuck and desperate for your life to turn around, then make the choice. Everything happens because of a choice, and right now it is time to choose.

​If you’re anything like me (sick of your current situation not improving, knowing no one is going to “fix” it for you), you’ll choose the second option… and that starts with your mindset.

First, you must make the decision to believe that you are worth more than your current circumstance.
  • You’re worth more than barely getting by.
  • You’re worth more than constantly feeling miserable.
  • You’re worth more than feeling stuck and dragged down.
  • You’re worth more than constantly being angry
  • You’re worth more than constantly feeling scared
  • You’re worth more than the stress you swallow, wondering if you’ll have enough to make it through the month
  • You’re worth more than the suicide attempts you’ve contemplated

how to make money when you can't work

You’re worth more thank you think…

Personally, I think you’re worth more than your current situation… and I truly hope deep down inside you know it too. If you don’t feel that you are… then it is time to increase your value, and that starts with diving into some self-improvement

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Do you have any idea what you’re capable of?

I often find myself asking this exact question in my head when talking with friends, customers, and clients when they bash themselves for not being “able to” do something. While there are limits to some of our physical and mental abilities… that doesn’t mean your out of luck and *can’t* create an income doing something you find enjoyment in.

You’re worth more and capable of more than you think. @warmlyrustic

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Do you ever find yourself thinking that you’re not smart enough? Or you’re not healthy enough? Or your not rich enough? Or that you have to wait for someone else’s approval, support, funding, or guidance before you can do something you really want to do?

Do you ever find yourself thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn’t do something you truly want to accomplish or excuses why you can’t be the person you crave to become?​

Those are limiting beliefs. They’re lies lingering in the back of your mind.

The good news: they are just thoughts, and thoughts do NOT control who you are or what you do… YOU decide who you are and what you do! While it does take some time and effort to overcome, you can redirect your thoughts to be more supportive through personal development

Your only limits are the ones you put on yourself. @warmlyrustic

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If I can pull myself out of praying for death to find me every moment I was capable of thinking while unable to physically wash a sink filled with dirty dishes and drag myself up to create a home-based coaching business while managing my family needs, and putting my family on the fast track of my husband being able to retire before he turns 35… then I know you can drag yourself out of your current situation, create a more comfortable lifestyle, or even move on to becoming the next Dani Johnson.

It all starts with your mindset… with your perspective. It starts with you making the decision to make excuses why you deserve to do better and live better instead of why you can’t. Your mindset is everything. If you believe you can’t… you won’t. If you be
lieve you can… you’ll move mountains!

Change your perspective to turn failure into a stepping-stone towards success. @warmlyrustic @danijohnsonlive

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Push Past Your Limiting Beliefs, & Step Towards Making A Change

There are a few things to do now that you’ve decided to make your life better.

  1. Set some goals
  2. Create an Action Plan
  3. Follow Through​
  4. Get an accountability partner or coach

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Yes… #4 is important. Lets face it… if you ​have someone you’re working with to hold you accountable, you’re 92% more likely to accomplish your goals and move forward creating the life you want.

Is it really that simple?      YES.     Though keep in mind simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy… there is still time and effort involved, and sometimes other expenses too.

Find A Way To Monetize Your Hobbies & Interests

There are as many ways to make money as there are hobbies and interests. Even if you’re unable to do much more than barely function… there is still a way for you to progress forward, supplement your income (or create a whole new income), and change your life.

Take a moment to think… what are your favorite things to do? 

Do you enjoy creating things? Are you crafty? Do you love to write? ​ Do you love helping people? Are you passionate about dieting, exercise, health/wellness, fashion, self-defense…? Like I mentioned before… if you have an interest in something… there is a way to turn that interest into your own business.

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Regardless of what interests you, websites like Fivvr can help provide you a way to connect with people who want your service, want to hire your skills, or want something you create. Etsy is a fantastic website to start selling homemade or altered items. Amazon is a great website to sell products on too, whether you create your own or resell items you acquire from other sources. 

The amount of time an energy​ you’re able (or choose to) put in will determine the timeline and amount of success.

Unfortunately, nothing happens when we do nothing. So action and mindset are crucial elements to making things happen. You can’t just create a list of goals, tasks, and plans and expect anything to change without physically taking those steps (or outsourcing those steps). This is what separates the dreamers from the achievers.​

Lets hear from you!!​

What are you interested in that you would love to make money doing?

What is holding you back from achieving your dreams?

Are you taking any steps towards your goals?

Let me know in the comments!​

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