Crystal is passionate about helping you rid your home of toxic products, and walking you through how to find your purpose in life. She cares very deeply for the people she helps, and is an incredible source of information.

About Crystal:

Crystal is a Navy Veteran turned homeschooling entrepreneurial mom who loves to help people solve their problems in life.

After some serious skepticism, Crystal tried out essential oils and was amazed by how well they fit in her lifestyle and how well she feels when using them. Making the shift to incorporating essential oils into her life sparked a serious passion with DIY creations, cooking and baking using Vitality Oils to enhance her culinary creations, and an intense personal development journey.

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She is passionate about adopting a healthier lifestyle, and loving everything nontoxic products and oils do for her family. She unexpectedly found a passion in helping others discover how to use essential oils for their families too.

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Crystal is passionate about helping people realize and achieve their dreams through personal development and entrepreneurship. She provides coaching on how to live a healthier lifestyle to her members. Click the button below to become one of her members, or fill out the form below and she will email you shortly.

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