Imagine for a moment… a world filled with support, love, and kindness. Where moms didn’t bash each other for making the lifestyle decisions based on what works best for them and their circumstances. Moms who could stay home with their kids, without feeling gutted over the feminist movement and *needing* work outside the home or she isn’t a good woman. Moms who can work outside of the home without being guilt tripped into feeling like a terrible mother for choosing to (or needing to) work a traditional job. Moms choosing to work from home with their children out of necessity and/or love, without feeling the mounding pressure of mom guilt for not being the perfect “Stepford Wife” they perceive on Pinterest, while also not feeling totally unprofessional because kid noises and movements are in the background while they do their work thing.

Could you imagine… if we completely redefined what it means to be a parent in a loving and supportive manner, without the bashing guilt trips of never being “good enough?” THIS is Nicole’s vision. THIS is exactly what Nicole wants to see in the world. She wants YOU to embrace who you are, 100%. Be the best you that you can be, without anyone getting into your head to tear you down. She knows you have a big heart… she knows you want more for your life… she wants to be there to guide you and help you along the way.

Because you not only deserve to build the life you dream of… but you also deserve it without being bogged down by harmful chemicals that prevent you physically, emotionally, and spiritually from getting there.

About Nicole:

Nicole is a stay at home mom and military wife, currently living in south-eastern Virginia. She runs her oils and moms coaching businesses from home, with the company of her fun 3 year old and 8 month old boys.

She is passionate about helping you find physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness through ditching toxins and embracing a healthy lifestyle. She has been using essential oils off and on since she was 5 years old, and started using them therapeutically in 2013, around the same time she overhauled her cleaning and personal care products to switch to saver alternatives. She is always learning new things about healthy living, and is totally addicted to helping you find and embrace your truth and work towards developing the lifestyle you crave.

Through her moms coaching courses, she also teaches parents how to live a balance life with personal development, spiritual development, physical fitness and nutrition needs, parenting, spousal relations, and house needs. She grew increasingly frustrated by the “mommy wars” epidemic plaguing mothers’ sanity, and is doing something about it by creating a new community and empowering parents embrace who they are, what they want out of life, and helping them create the action steps needed to create the life they deserve and want. Because life should be fun… kids should be fun… finding meaning in life should be fun… and you shouldn’t have to subject yourself to fitting in someone else’s box.

Prior to her oils coaching business and writing journey, she was enlisted in the Navy where she worked as an information research analyst and fitness coach for 6 years. You can read more about her health story or view her personal website

Nicole’s Story:


The aspect of her Young Living business that excites Nicole the most is consulting her team as they dream, set goals, and achieve – both in regards to their health and wellness, and also financially. Nothing makes her feel more fulfilled than guiding someone into picking themselves up by their proverbial bootstraps and rising from the ashes.

Whether its a new story about how a new oil helped someone feel better, or its hearing from an excited new business leader when they’ve reached a new milestone, she is always eager to cheer on her leaders and customers into success.

Nicole’s Favorite Oils:

Nicole's favorite essential oils

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