Essentail Oils for Military Veterans

Everyone transitioning out of the military back into the civilian culture goes through different struggles at different severity levels. Some hide their emotions better than others. Some manage to transition smoothly without any issue at all. My transition and the transitions of most disabled veterans that I’m friends with were more severe, filled with some major angst, uneasiness, and uncertainty. We had a lot of difficulty re-acclimating to the civilian culture, isolation, horrifying thoughts and dreams, edginess, anger – sometimes outbursts, suicidal thoughts and/or tendencies, isolation, relief, grief, low self-esteem, low sense of self-worth, … etc… all compounded by the level of true support received, dealings with the veterans medical services, and judgements by the civilians encountered.

While our individual experiences vary depending on individual circumstances and ability to cope, the one thing we do have in common is that we can overcome. We can overcome those demons that haunt us. While it takes time, I’d like to share what has helped me overcome those overwhelming, sometimes debilitating, emotions stemming from emotional trauma: healthy, nontoxic lifestyle and essential oils.

Yes, you read that right. This skeptic – further convinced by her doctors, friends, and family – seriously thought a natural lifestyle with all the hippie voodoo was just going to kill her faster. What was originally so appealing was I wouldn’t have had to suffer anymore. Though it backfired and completely turned me into a believer and natural health advocate when the nontoxic, foodie, hippie voodoo lifestyle turned my life around. This lifestyle overhaul completely took away the physical and emotional anguish that kept me down for nearly a decade. It turns out I was wrong. My neurologist was wrong. My family was wrong. Switching to a natural health lifestyle and looking at your body holistically opens up so many opportunities for true HEALING – both mentally AND physically.

Anxiety Summit

If you haven’t yet listened to my guest appearance on the Revolution Oils Podcast, you can listen in on the podcast below. I opened up about my story in a way I never had, digging deep into my experiences with the faulty VA healthcare system and how I felt through the treatment I received. I opened up about suicidal thoughts I experienced, and why I wrote this page.

My goal here is to help inspire you to take a new stand.

If you’re not receiving the help you need, pull up your boots and handle it… and don’t be afraid to seek help!

Whether you take your needs to your senator, seek a mentor’s assistance, or you do what I did and take matters into your own hands, I want to urge you to do something. Don’t just stand by unheard without help.

I have my second chance at life, and I want to see you with the same:

  • A second chance at life to live to the fullest.
  • A chance at happiness.
  • A chance at true healing.
  • A chance to love yourself and those you care about, again.
  • A chance at fighting for your life where you can actually see results.

I wrote this page and spoke on that podcast because I believe in you. I’m tired of being silent about what all has transpired, and I’m tired of seeing other veterans slip through life unheard without help.

I am the other side of recovery for chronic pain, autoimmune, and neurological patients. I want to inspire you to seek the other side of recovery to what you’re dealing with. I want to prove to you that you have a choice other than death.

Come join me where life can be beautiful again. I’m here to help coach you every step of the way!

How Essential Oils Can Help Veterans’ Emotional Trauma

​Essential oils and emotions go together like chocolate and ice cream. I encourage you to go back and check out my post about how essential oils impact your lymbic system (the area of your brain responsible for managing your emotions) to learn more about how. But here, to conserve space, lets dig into which oils can help you.

Now, legally, I cannot discuss in detail exactly how essential oil can and will improve your life, because I do make a small income from sales and I’m not here to replace your doctor. However, I can direct you to do your own research and point you to some resources where you can see for yourself what these little bottles are capable of and how exactly they can help you. I also provide references and exclusive support groups to my new customers.

My favorite resource for studies is The National Institute of Health’s PubMed database (PubMed.Gov) – do a few searches for PTSD, Anxiety, or any other ailment you’re dealing with along with “essential oil” and read through some of the results. Another great website is to search your ailment and see research and testimonials populate in the search results. The info provided in those sites are quite impressive.

 Military veterans could greatly benefit from using essential oils in many ways to enhance their health and wellness... mentally, physically, and spiritually

My Oily Veteran Toolkit:

  • Frankincense – helps with those feeling worthless moments, or when you feel others are completely worthless… or just when you feel “f*** you!” – you know…
    If you’re the yoga or religious/spiritual type, frankincense is awesome at enhancing those meditation/prayer moments, taking it to a whole new level. Like the universe wrapping you in the best hug ever. It’s totally woo, and tough to explain, but really intriguing.
  • Lavender – helps when you’re feeling abandoned, overly critical, and have cooped up emotions. Lavender also helps relax and calm you down.
  • Lemon – helps when you feel left behind, detached, empty, frustrated, stuck, and when life feels unreliable. It’s also uplifting, and fantastic to clean with.
  • Peppermint – helps when you feel like a total failure, dependent on everyone else, totally restricted with where you are in life, and overly rigid. Peppermint is also fantastic for helping sooth your stomach and boost your energy too.
  • Copaiba – helps when you feel like you’re not getting enough of something you need. It also incredibly soothing and relaxing, especially when you ache.
  • Sage – helps with letting go
  • Sandalwood – reduces those dreadful, fearful, full of terror moments and helps you calm down from them.
  • Joy Essential Oil Blend – reduces nervous tension, disappointment, grief, misery, and feeling judgemental. Joy is awesome at bringing a spark of love and happiness back into your life.
  • PanAway Essential Oil Blend – not just for pain! PanAway helps with those exhausted, overwhelming emotional moments.
  • Purification Essential Oil Blend – reduces feeling angry and violent. Helps you deal with loneliness and rejection. Also helps turn around erroneous and negative thoughts.
  • R.C. Essential Oil Blend – helps lift you up when you feel emotionally depleted. It also helps support your lungs and sinuses when you need it the most, and is great for muscles before and after strenuous activity.
  • SARA Essential Oil Blend – helps you manage deep, emotional abuse/pain, and helps you learn how to accept yourself again.
  • Stress Away Essential Oil Blend – incredible for melting away those tense, stressful moments.
  • Thieves Essential Oil Blend – helps you deal with uncertainty. Also helps provide an extra boost to your wellness when the crud is making its rounds.
  • Transformation Essential Oil Blend – helps you recenter yourself when you are feeling limited, stagnated, and trapped. And inspires you to move forward through your transformation.
  • Valor – helps chill you out when you’re feeling overly aggressive, defensive, and persecuted. It also helps boost your confidence, allowing you to cope easier and handle stressful moments. This is probably my most used oil, and absolutely the oil I would recommend if you could only choose one.

I want to personally invite you to join the journey!​

So, how do you get started? Make the choice to take a chance and just do it. If you need some help, I have a guide on how to get started with a healthy lifestyle you’re welcome to check out. Whether you follow my guide, or modify it, or completely create your own, I strongly encourage you to ditch the toxins in your life and move forward embracing a natural lifestyle and the wellness that comes with it. It’s not always a quick fix like it was for me… years of damage to your body can take years to clear out. But I can promise it is worth every second and every penny spent.

Where to Find Essential Oils

I spent well over a year comparing different brands to see what works best for me. I personally found the Young Living brand to be exceptional. Their oils worked the best for me, and last longer (which helps save me money). I strongly discourage purchasing oils from 3rd party online websites, like Amazon or eBay, because counterfeit oils are wildly popular and can cause more harm than good. (Young Living actually does not allow for their products to be sold on those sites, so any oils on there are nearly guaranteed to be counterfeit).

Young Living conducts business through their Seed to Seal Guarantee ​that takes organic, sustainable farming to the next level. They are truly dedicated to doing the right thing and producing the highest quality essential oils available on the market.

Essential oils have been absolutely incredible with helping my personal recovery, and that of a few disabled veterans I met while on active duty, who have turned into some fantastic team leaders, using their passion helping fellow veterans through the suck and finding themselves again.

Young Living specifically has been such a blessing to us in terms of quality and opportunities, not only allowing me a means to take back my life, but also allowing me to earn an income after being unemployed since 2008. Their dedication to quality, giving back to the international community, and relentless support of their distributors really brings back having faith in the human race.

Get Started With Essential Oils

I strongly recommend getting started with a wholesale membership, which will give you a lifetime 24% discount on all products Young Living sells.

I recommend starting with the Premium Starter Kit (PSK) featuring essential oils and the Home Diffuser. The PSK comes with 11 essential oils (10 of which were mentioned above), some samples, and a diffuser to help you get started on your journey using essential oils.

You’ll also have my support and have access to my exclusive support groups, in addition to my favorite references I’ll personally send to you at no additional cost to you.

>> Get Started Now!

**If you also sign on with Essential Rewards (our loyalty program that rewards you with free oils for purchasing monthly), I’ll also personally send you the Releasing Emotional Patterns book we discussed earlier… just let me know you became a member through this post!

If you are ready to give essential oils a try, but don’t feel you can comfortably afford it, contact us and let me know. I’d love to talk with you about how you can span out payments, or even how you can get your initial investment reimbursed and receive future oils orders with no out of pocket expense.

Take the guesswork out of finding a healthy lifestyles and essential oils coach.

If this post helped you, or you know a veteran who could use the info we provided today, please like, comment on, and share this post!


P.S. We have a few veteran leaders within our EssentialOils.Life team who are ready and able to help veterans on their journey to embracing natural wellness. Please let us know if you need some help… we would gladly help walk you through anything you need… or check out our Membership Page for information about our membership options, where you can learn more about using essential oils, the benefits we provide, and more.





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