What Millennials Can Do In An Unfair World

Its 2016 and times are changing. Quickly. So fast, in fact, that we have 2 generations worth of new adults, soon to be adults, and children world-wide who live in extreme uncertainty. There is no doubt millennials have been handed the short stick.
The UK has announced their intent to withdraw from the EU. The US’s social security program is nearly broke. Governments are in debt up to their eye balls. The average start-up business permanently closes their doors after an average 3-5 years. Cost of living is out of control. They are now stuck asking themselves:

  • Will I have job stability?
  • Will I even be able to get a job?
  • Will I be able to keep a job, once that job is acquired?
  • Will I be able to afford to live on the wages I am able to earn?
  • Will I be able to afford future retirement?
  • How will I pay back student loans?
  • Will my country’s society collapse because of the trillions of dollars of debt that my generation will be forced to pay for to afford things of the past my generation had no control over?

Those are all legitimate, unanswerable questions. Times are definitely different for the Millennial generation than endured by previous generations. Today, hard work and a drive to succeed are not the only factors to success. Today, you will likely see an average of 7 different jobs throughout your life, vice your parents and grandparents working for one company for 40 years.

Who is responsible?

Whether you want to blame generations of people before you, the left-wing liberals, or the extreme conservatives, the fact of the matter remains that what has been done is done, and in our global political climate, relief isn’t coming any time soon. There is no going back to change your circumstances. Personally, I blame both sides of government – they all seem to be obsessed with personal gain, which is apparent by the lack of any federal anti-corruption laws and their love of lobbyists’ deep pockets.
Why is this important? Because once you realize that, regardless who is to blame, you can still succeed, life becomes so much more manageable. You can still make something of your life. You still have opportunities available to you that weren’t available to previous generations. Despite all the crazy uncertainty and rising prices, you can still work a satisfying career and earn your freedom.

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Do you have any chance at success?

Absolutely! Just like in previous generations, success is not at all guaranteed. It wasn’t for your grandparents, your parents, or your ancestors; and it’s not guaranteed for you either. That doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. That just means you need to work for it, just like they did – just in a different manner.

  • You may not have a company contribute to a 401K
  • You might not have access to a traditional retirement program (or you might not have a retirement program at all, unless you create your own)
  • You might not have job security
  • You might have trouble finding a job that pays enough to cover cost of living

Your personal situation might be completely full of hardships, and you may be feeling on the hook for paying for the older generation’s ideals with money you’ll never make because opportunities they had will never be afforded to you.
HOWEVER, do not let that hold you back from seeking opportunities today that weren’t available to them.

What benefits millennials have that previous generations didn’t:

To sum it up in two words: The internet.
More specifically: the networking abilities that come with the modern internet capabilities.
You have the ability to reach an unprecedented number of people. Put that together with your own personal talents, and you’ve reached any entrepreneur’s dream!
Entrepreneur? YES!! It has never been easier to be your boss. Today you can start your own business for as little as no investment (or only investing time), or as much as a couple million dollars, depending on where your interests are. There is no limit on what you can do and how much you can earn.
Your grandparents didn’t have that opportunity. Your parents might have, but likely overlooked opportunities, or didn’t have the mindset needed. But you. You are in such a unique position. Don’t squander it.
Whether you are passionate about makeup, fashion, traveling, nontoxic living, essential oils, food, jewelry, scrapbooking, other crafts, or pets… you can create your own line of work based on what you enjoy. Whether you enjoy networking with people, or like to hang out solo… you can create your own income flow that no one can take away from you (as long as its legal).

What can you do about it?

Seriously, dream. Every droplet of success originated with a dream. Dream big. That giant dream that scares you to your core – dream it, write out a plan to get there, and go for it!
While your peers are planning their next party, change your life’s circumstances by diving into personal development. Work towards building your dreams by changing your mind set to take responsibility for forging your future.
Millennials have unique opportunities available to them in the age of the internet that previous generations would have never dreamed of having. So before you continue wallowing in the crazy state of the world the older generations have provided to you, understand that your life isn’t over… your life is just beginning… embrace it!
2 millennial secrets to income

How To Embrace This Crazy World and Make Money: The 2 Best Kept Secrets For Millennials To Earn An Income

Yes! Embrace this crazy world, and find your niche! Find yourself. Find what makes you happy. And then dive right in!

The easiest way: blog.

You can start a blog for free. Or start a Facebook page for free (or Pinterest… or YouTube/Vimeo… etc…). Though I’d suggest working your way to affording your own domain, if you’re serious about running your own business using the internet. Once you have enough followers, you’ll be able to monetize that blog with your own products (digital or physical). Selling physical products online has become incredibly easy with websites like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, and many others. Don’t have a physical product? Sell a digital product!

Digital Content Ideas:

Digital products are fairly simple to create, and can be free to make (aside from your time) and can be reused an infinite amount of times. You can also give away some digital content to acquire email subscribers that you can build relationships and market to as well. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and there is no shame on revamping newer versions to keep it fresh and relevant.

  • Digital Class (how to…)
  • Email Class
  • Digital Scrapbooks
  • Worksheets
  • Planners
  • eBooks

Affiliate Programs:

You can also monetize a website or social media page through programs like Amazon Affiliate, which has products that can be used in any niche. There are also nearly unlimited amount of companies out there who would be thrilled to pay you commissions for writing about or recommending their products. Fashion, jewelry, food, pets, crafts, travel, babies… I can’t think of a single topic that doesn’t have some sort of affiliate program that you could take advantage of. There are even blogger networks you can become a part of that provide exclusive access to companies seeking a blogger to help them market their products!
Whether or not you have your own products to sell, affiliate programs can be very useful and encouraging, especially when those products fit in with what you’re writing about or selling.

The fastest way: network marketing.

This one can be tricky. You have to want to help other people, and you need to be plugged in with the right mentors and support system. Many people quit before they are successful, and many people either don’t follow or don’t have teams to provide them with the proper guidance to follow. But if you’re selective with who you join and are joining a company with a mission that truly resonates with you, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be successful. And you can be successful without bugging friends and family (blogs and social media come in handy here too)! Just like there is an affiliate program for every niche, there is also a network marketing company for every niche.
Network marketing has a seemingly unlimited number of perks that range everywhere between:

  • tax benefits,
  • bonuses,
  • location and time freedom (you can literally work from anywhere at any time),
  • you are paid based on your value,
  • you have the ability to build a residual income that can set you up to actually be able to retire,
  • your growth (and paycheck) potential is virtually unlimited,
  • you get to choose who you work with,
  • you get to meet a whole gaggle of people who are positive, encouraging, and completely enjoyable to be around.
  • and often the products sold through network marketing companies are high quality.

Plus, what other business could you possibly be promoted or double your income every year, twice a year, or even every month??

How Can I Guarantee My Success???

Find your motivation. Find your inspiration. Accept that you will have to work hard and sacrifice. Whether you work for someone else or you work for yourself, you will have to put in the hours, blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish your goals. Working for yourself, however, provides unique situations that can provide a whole different life that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.
Either way, blogging and/or network marketing are two major examples of how you can pull yourself out of where you are today and work towards a better future. Two years from now you could go from having $7 in your bank account with a week left in the month, to having $34,000+ monthly checks.

Remove The Shackles

You’re not stuck. You do have options. Change can be scary, but it also can be worth it.
Don’t be afraid to take a dive into something different that has the potential to enhance your quality of life exponentially. Don’t feel cornered based on a previous generation’s decision. Don’t feel pigeonholed into your current status quo just because someone else has taken the reins on your life. Venture out and find your happy. Find what speaks to you, and run with it. Be your own superhero and make your world a better place.

Where do you start?

Change begins with your mindset. You have to choose to want something different. You have to choose to challenge yourself and to rise to the occasion to meet or exceed that challenge.
That really depends on what it is you want to do. You start by figuring out what you want, and answer these questions:

  • Where do you want to see your life in 5 years?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What have you dreamed of doing your whole life?
  • What do you enjoy?
  • WHY do you want to venture out doing your own thing?
  • WHEN do you want to see results by?

If you love photography, start by taking pictures, even if you have to start with using your smartphone or borrowing a camera.
If you love dance, start writing about it… or have someone help you video record you teaching a virtual dance class.
If you love organizing… write about it, create spreadsheets to sell, or start a business where you build databases… use your talent to your advantage.
Need help gaining customers? Fivvr allows you to sell your services for $5 while you gain experience and testimonials. Market yourself on social media (Pinterest, for example, has been especially kind to me). Learn Search Engine Optimization to get noticed in internet searches (like Google or Bing).
If you love natural health, consider a network marketing business with selling essential oils where you can also coach your customers on how to use them and incorporate a nontoxic lifestyle and diet into a wellness regimen.
If you love makeup, Beautycounter provides excellent skincare and cosmetics with a mission to lobby congress for tougher safety regulations across the beauty industry.
If you love cooking… check out Pampered Chef
If you love fun jewelry… check out Keep Collective
There is even one for scrapbooking!

Morale of the story: you decide your destiny.

You’re not destined to live a life of complete debt and hopelessness of achieving long-lost dreams… unless you choose to. There are so many different options out there you are able to seize and will your ideal future into existence if you take the initiative and put the work in. You can have a career you enjoy, with the ability to work from anywhere while maintaining the ability to take time off when you need it and maximize your time with family. You can choose to live a meaningful life, and be paid for it based on YOUR worth, and not someone else’s perceived value of your work.

I’d like to challenge you to do this:

  • Dream up your best future
  • List out what you want to do
  • Create an action plan for getting there

Take a chance. Take the challenge. Invest in yourself.

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