Obstacle Obliteration

By Guest Author Brian Duclos

How often have you run into an obstacle which seems insurmountable?
Often in life we run into situations where it appears that we cannot progress, no matter how hard we try. What do you do when you find yourself in such a place?
There is a story in Think and Grow Rich where Napoleon Hill talks about his friend who gave up digging in his gold mine when the vein appeared to run out. The man sold the mine and the buyer consulted a geologist who recommended they continue to dig. The miners dug to find that a massive gold vein was only three feet from where the friend had stopped digging.
Sometimes, we need to take a step back from our problems to get a new perspective on the situation and find a solution. Sometimes we may need to find an expert and trust that they can help. The real work comes in when you persevere, even though you feel defeated. This is necessary for success.
A few years ago, I decided that I was done being broke and wanted to become rich. The problem was that at the time, I had no money at all. In fact, the refrigerator was often empty and if not for family bringing us food, we would have gone hungry.
I had been reading books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad and realized that I needed to break free from the rat race. But how?
After eight months I was able to get a better job and my income increased. I set to finding a property I could purchase with the VA Home Loan and rent out. I kept getting turned down for loans because I did not have enough income.
This obstacle almost caused me to give up. I decided to try one more lender who was able to use the rental income from the property I wanted, and count that as future income, allowing me to purchase the property. That one move changed me from a struggling employee, to a budding real estate investor.
Shortly thereafter, I was able to purchase more real estate and continue to do so. Had I given up, I would probably still be living paycheck to paycheck in my cramped 500 square foot apartment.
Opportunity seems to knock once, and if you are held back by fear, or an unwillingness to drive through the problem, then you just may stay where you are in life.
Whenever you are tempted to quit, just remember Thomas Edison, who attempted the lightbulb over 10,000 times before finding success. You need to clearly see where and what you want in life, and have an incredibly powerful sense of Why you want that. This why should tap you on an emotional level which will create an incredibly strong drive to smash through any obstacle!
Remember, do not succumb to an obstacle!
Your vision of the future converts problems and obstacles into learning experiences. By driving through them, not only do you reach your goals, you become more confident, educated, and you are able to help people through your experience!
I have found that if you want something that is not average, look at the common actions people take, and do the opposite! If you do not want to be average, quit making average decisions! If you have an obstacle between you and what you want, is it better in the long term to catch up on your favorite TV show? Or, find a way to smash through the obstacle? What will make you happy in the long run?
Don’t reach the end of your life filled with regret because a few simple obstacles stood between you and your goals.

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