Remedy A Challenging Life

That daily grind…
Get up… get ready… cringe at needing to be at a job that doesn’t provide you with anything other than a paycheck… get to work… stare at the clock more than you care to admit… get home… possibly head out to a second job… or drink away your cares as you binge watch the latest show on Netflix.
With few exceptions, the days of working one 9-5 job for 40 years and retiring at a decent age are long gone. Today we have much more important things to worry about… like paying off that mortgage of a student loan that will prevent us from ever being able to afford a mortgage… at least while you’re still working that full-time job for $12/hour that you only landed thanks to your Master’s degree.
We see it everyday… miserable people working for miserable employers… hoping to earn enough to be able to buy that new pair of shoes to replace the $10 Walmart special that started breaking down a couple of months later… while still hoping to manage paying your rent and for the cheapest food you can find at the grocery store… with little hope in sight of eventually climbing your way ahead.

What do you do when you’re feeling stuck?

Realistically, there is no end in sight. Just the daily grind making your way through the work week, wishing time would pass by faster so you can enjoy what little weekend you have.
Life doesn’t have to be this way.

It is true nothing is going to change… if you don’t.

I heard a podcast the other day where a phrase really stuck out to me: “change your mind, change your life.” I can’t remember who originally said it, but this phrase has been widely used around personal development journeys all over the world for a very long time, and is now even titles of self-help books too.
It does embody exactly what is missing in a repetitive life… a change deep within you.
I began venturing down this path as a disabled Navy veteran, barely able to make ends meet, and flirting with homelessness. I would have given anything to be in a job I hated just to have a job, but at the time it wasn’t in the cards for me. I could, however, relate to everyone I knew that was complaining about having tough luck, miserable existences, and not sure which next curve ball to expect from life. Because Heaven forbid life actually give you a leg up.
Then I read something… it was in a personal development book I felt drawn to read that mentioned something about how you can’t grow your income without growing yourself. And it all clicked…
I didn’t need to wait for some superhero to help fix me. I didn’t need to wait for the government to make everything right. I didn’t need anyone else to help make my life more bearable. All I needed was a little ingenuity, a little bit of research, and a little reason why I should get started.
Get started with what? Doing my own thing.

5G and Beyond Summit

Could starting your own business become the perfect remedy to a challenging life?

For 8 long years I sat on the sidelines of my own life wishing for everything to end. For 8 long years I drank away my cares, frustrated by all the hiring managers brushing away my skills, knowledge, and abilities as if I had no job experience or education. For 8 long years I felt resentful, looking back at the majority of my 20’s that was supposed to be the prime of my life, being stolen from me by health problems and wishing away time.
Time… the one resource we will never get back. And I wasted a decade of it. The problem wasn’t my circumstances. It wasn’t people who wouldn’t employ me for a living wage. It wasn’t the people who wouldn’t employ me at all. The problem was me. I was stuck.
What do you do when your stuck?
You have two options: stay where you are and hate your life… or… do something about it to pull yourself up.
I suddenly experienced a shift in how I was thinking. It didn’t matter what I was dealing with… the pain… the seizures… the exhaustion… the rejection. None of it mattered. What mattered is realizing the fact that we are living in the information age… the age of the internet… a glorious time when you can turn any idea and any hobby into an income producing activity.
For me, I took a long, hard look at what I was already doing. I had recently taken the plunge to reduce our toxin exposure within our home by reading labels on our personal care, cosmetics, and cleaning products and replacing them with nontoxic alternatives. A few friends on Facebook noticed my status updates about my health slowly starting to improve and had asked me to walk them through what I was doing so they could help their families too. I did that for free for nearly 2 years, even while one kept asking me when I was going to turn my service into a business.
I don’t know why it took me 2 years to wake up and realize that I do have value and I can contribute to society… AND I can do it without someone else dictating to me what I can and cannot do, without holding my paycheck hostage, and without worrying about terminating my employment. Another year went by as I built a website, found some affiliate opportunities to help monetize my website, and launched my coaching business.
Since launching my website, I’ve turned my knowledge into online classes, ebooks, coaching programs, and have expanded into teaching new coaches how to duplicate my efforts to create their own coaching business.
You can do the same with just about any other business idea. Whether you make something and sell it locally or online… or perhaps you enjoy building things locally for other businesses and residents… or perhaps you enjoy writing… Any idea you have that you like to do, you can turn into a money-making machine… and then turn *how* you do what you do into a class to sell online to monetize your knowledge even more.
The bottom line… your life isn’t over, and you don’t need to wish your time away. You can start small on the side of a job you don’t enjoy and build your way up to owning an empire. It takes time. It takes grit. It takes perseverance. But you CAN do it… if you choose to.

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