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How To Find Quality Essential Oils

Nicole/ January 23, 2019

There is so much marketing among essential oil companies talking about quality and bashing each other for not measuring up based on whatever test they chose to use to prove their case, it makes you wonder if there are any tips available to help you know how to find quality essential oils.

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CBD Safety & Alternatives

Nicole/ August 3, 2018

Being an active advocate within the essential oil world, I’ve had numerous questions recently from my readers and friends asking for my thoughts on CBD, whether or not it is an essential oil, what my thoughts are about how it is made, what my thoughts are over the legal controversy polarizing the

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Essential Oils vs Snake Oils

Nicole/ September 21, 2016

I’ve heard it, and I’m sure you have too: essential oils are just “snake oils.” But… what are snake oils, and do they have anything in common with essential oils? What is a “Snake Oil”? To understand what “snake oil” is and why that term is so popular today, we need to

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