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Chapped, dry skin? Try this!

Nicole/ November 30, 2018

Dry skin is no joke… especially in the winter time when there is less moisture in the air. Don’t you hate when your feet feel like sandpaper?? Feeling the need to keep socks on at night just so you don’t scratch your legs in your sleep… that never-ending itching… nothing seems to

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DIY Geranium Facial Mask

Nicole/ July 25, 2018

Self-care… its one of those things we do to show our bodies how much we care. Our bodies do a lot for us, and taking the time to periodically do little things to make us feel good and cared for is the key to living happier and healthier. And just like Grandma’s

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Manuka Essential Oil

Crystal/ June 8, 2017

Manuka has a lovely, woodsy aroma that has a long history for helping with respiratory support, skin support, and immune support. It is calming to the nerves, strengthens your mental resolve, and promotes an overall well-being feeling. It is stabilizing and calming, which is perfect during stressful moments. Use with your favorite

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Nicole/ May 9, 2017

Tea tree is largely comprised of Terpinen-4-ol with a decent amount of Gamma-Terpinene constituents (the benefits of those would be worthwhile to Google, if you’re into science). Tea tree has a grounding wood aroma that is wonderful for many applications! ​Support healthy digestion Support happy breathing Soothe muscles and skin Ideas on how to

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Purification Essential Oil Blend

Nicole/ May 13, 2016

Purification essential oil blend is our go-to oil for anything smelly and buggy. Its fresh scent is so pleasant and has such versatile abilities that it belongs in any essential oil lover’s oil collection. It contains citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, lavandin, and myrtle essential oils. What is in Purification Essential Oil Blend? It

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