Too Much Oil In The Diffuser? What Do You Do?

At some point in time, it happens to us all…

You have a great essential oil recipe you want to put in the diffuser. Whether you’re scaling down a roller ball recipe, or accidentally found a potent diffuser recipe on Pinterest that ended up being WAY too strong… and oops! You cannot have your diffuser on without feeling like you need to leave the room.

Did you drop too much essential oil into your diffuser? Here are some ideas to help!

How much is too much?​

Typically, I respect other people’s opinions and choices as to how much constitutes “too much” or “too little” essential oils because it really is a personal choice on what you use based on what you’re comfortable with.

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There are a lot of factors, like room size and personal preference, that dictate how many drops of which type of oil you should use. Some oils are stronger, like peppermint, so you won’t need as many drops to spread around the peppermint aroma. Other oils, like lavender, require more drops because they are much milder.

When you’re just starting out, I recommend being very conservative with how much of each oil and how often you diffuse.

Why? Because sometimes over-doing it can cause headaches or nausea… and no one wants to see you not liking your new oils because of something silly like using too much right away. Save your money… save your sanity… and start slow!

How to start diffusing:

When you’re just starting out, think “less is more.” Essential oils are not like lotion or medication or your favorite ice cream topping where more is awesome. These little bottles are incredibly concentrated and need a bit of respect and care.

When coaching new customers, I recommend doing 2-3 drops of essential oils in their diffuser, and diffusing for 30-60 minutes, depending on how they feel. If at any time you start feeling light headed, dizzy, nauseous, or get a bit of a headache… chances are you’re moving too fast and need to slow down.

Every body is different. Some people are perfectly fine starting out diffusing 8-10 drops right away, all day long. Others need to allow their bodies to adjust a little at a time as they take in the new experience. Sometimes this is an indication of needing to detox, which opens up a whole different conversation. Sometimes this is the body’s way of handling something new. Because every body is different, judging what exactly is happening in a generic blog post can be more speculative than helpful.

When in doubt, give yourself a break and use less. Over time you’ll be able to use more… but listen to your body and learn what is right for you.

What if you add too many drops?

If you add too many drops of oil to your diffuser, don’t fret! You’re not stuck needing to leave the house until the diffuser empties itself.

imply pour the contents into a glass jar, and dilute with more water to use to refill the diffuser as needed.

Yes! It really is that simple! We love simplifying our essential oils use!

There is no need for making things too complicated… life is complicated enough… go enjoy your oils!

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