Valentine Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking to fall in love with yourself, or to enhance your relationship with your significant other… you won’t want to miss out on this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Looking for ideas to help make your February AMAZING?? We have a wonderful guide of essential oils that are perfect for enhancing your romance, whether you're looking to fall in love with yourself again... or invite some serious fireworks to your relationship with your significant other... you don't want to miss this info!

The gift of touch…

Not much is more sensual than a good massage… whether you’re taking time for self-care to slather on some intoxicating aromas, or your taking your self-care routine to your partner… having a quality massage oil is essential!

I personally LOVE each of these massage oils.

Essential Oils Transformation Summit
  • Sensation – strengthens feelings of love, romance, and playfulness
  • Ortho Ease – great for stressed muscles and skin
  • Ortho Sport – perfect for post-workout and soothing joints
  • Relaxation – great for after a long day to help you unwind
  • Cel-lite Magic – my favorite for helping tone skin

They make spending time on you and with your partner much more enjoyable… PLUS they can be used as personal lubricants… and there are no hidden toxins like in many popular brands that contain parabens and other harmful ingredients.

Essential oil roller bottles are perfect to keep on hand to make using essential oils easier and more convenient.  When you feel good, you're more likely to feel like indulging  in spending quality time with your partner (or engaging some much-needed self-care)...

These are our favorite essential oil roller bottles… they are all diluted, mixed, and ready to go… so you don’t have to spend your time DIYing blends to help you feel your best every day.

Tranquil, Rutavala, Deep Relief

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Of course, if you enjoy DIYing essential oils… we do have a few recipes for that you should check out too!

Pamper Yourself in a Bath

And… if your tub is large enough for your partner to join you… then enjoy taking some quality time together soaking in some gorgeous smells.

Our favorite oil blends to use in the tub are Peace & Calming and Joy.

My favorite single oils to add in the tub are lavender with black spruce or sandalwood.

Cologne for Him

There is no doubt about it… aromas can help us gain confidence… and nothing is sexier on a man than confidence. Set up your partner for success with this DIY cologne… and skip the toxic crap.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in cologne?? YIKES!!!! Using essential oils is a much safer (and more fun) way to create enticing aromas that smells fantastic on your body (perfect for husbands or boyfriends!)

Not into DIY?? I strongly suggest checking out Young Living’s Valor essential oil blend… its courage in a bottle… and smells intoxicating on men. I’m often weak in the knees every time my husband wears it.

And by the way… if you’re reading this in February 2019… you can score a bottle of Ylang Ylang for FREE!! Seriously… its been out of stock for 10 months, and this is the only way to snag some… head on over to our Current Promotions page to learn more!

Vitassage… luxury massage at home

If you haven’t tried out the Vitassage… you’re totally missing out! This one of a kind personal massager has its own unique ability to dispense essential oils! Just pop in your favorite essential oils, turn it on, and enjoy!

Essential oils to enhance your relationship and self-care routine

Whether you’re looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day or for an anniversary… or a “just because I heart you” gift.. you can’t go wrong with essential oils. They are life-changing, health-boosting, relationship-enhancing little bottles of awesome that you and your partner won’t want to be without.

Looking for a romantic gift for your partner? Whether you're on the hunt for something to enhance your Valentine's Day or an anniversary, you'll never go wrong with quality essential oils that will help strengthen your relationship and self-care activities.

Essential oils we highly recommend you indulge in for your romantic endeavors and self-care routines: Abundance, Believe, Dream Catcher, En-R-Gee, Envision, Gratitude, Highest Potential, Inspiration, Into The Future, Jasmine, Joy, Lavender, Live with Passion, Longevity, Magnify Your Purpose, Peace & Calming, Rose, Surrender, Transformation, Valor, and Ylang Ylang.

My personal FAVORITES I can’t be without: Abundance, Believe, Envision, and Valor essential oil blends. We do keep all of the ones listed above on hand… but I would be especially lost without these four favorites. If you had to choose just one… definitely grab some Valor.

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