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Become a part of our growing team

Join our Young Living Team to build a business that is true to your authentic self, focused on helping others, and managed in a way that fits your lifestyle, needs, and goals. As a team member, you’ll have complimentary access to our business groups, business training, lifestyle educational courses, and ongoing healthy lifestyle and business building support. >>Learn More Here

September Bonus: Help 5 people start their journey to a healthier lifestyle and/or enroll in our monthly subscription program to earn a lovely journal, in addition to standard commissions and bonuses.

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Access our exclusive business and oils coaching

Receive business coaching from us that is focused on how to grow your own essential oils business, with or without being a part of our team. You’re welcome to learn on your own through our self-study program, or join in with one of our online group classes. This course is one of a kind, teaching you how to embrace who you are 100%, and build your business based on who you are, your needs, your lifestyle, and your strengths… without the salesy, outdated nonsense.

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Other Ways To Work With Us:

Guest Posting & Brands looking to work with us

We may on occasion take guest or sponsored posts on a case-by-case basis. The only topics/content that will be accepted must be 100% FDA/FTC compliant, and serve primarily to support our readers’ needs. Please see our >>Media Kit<< for more information about our readers, stats, and requirements. If you have any questions, please read through our Media Kit first, then fill out the form below with your question. Thank you!