I am a oilfield wife and mother to 2 great kids. I have always been interested in oils but only recently began to understand how to use them to help my family stay healthy so now I'm in love with them!

Orange Essential Oil: uses, tips, tricks, recipes, and ideas

Orange essential oil brings a peaceful and happy atmosphere when used. It helps your mind and body accept joy into your heart, providing additional emotional support to help you overcome moodiness, sadness, and overwhelm. It is rich in both monoterpines and d-limonene (you’ll want to click those links!). Orange essential oil can be both calming …

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Help your baby's irritated skin under the diaper with this DIY baby butt cream

DIY Baby Butt Cream

Hey parents! Don’t you hate looking down during diaper time just to see an angry butt pointed at you? All that red discomfort just begging for help!! Yeah… me too… After scouring through countless diaper creams and ointments, disgusted by the ingredients, ​I decided that I needed to find a better way to care for …

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Manuka Essential Oil

Manuka has a lovely, woodsy aroma that has a long history for helping with respiratory support, skin support, and immune support. It is calming to the nerves, strengthens your mental resolve, and promotes an overall well-being feeling. It is stabilizing and calming, which is perfect during stressful moments. Use with your favorite skincare products to …

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus has an invigorating aroma that helps open up your breathing, brings on some extra energy, and also is very soothing to sore muscles. Eucalyptus is generally not recommended for children under 6, however if you’re going to use eucalyptus around kids, Eucalyptus Radiata is the most gentle one to use around them. Here are …

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Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano has so many uses and is perfect to keep on hand, especially during changing seasons because of it’s incredible immune system boosting properties. It is made through steam distillation with fresh Oregano leaves and is a wonderful addition to your favorite recipes! Very rich in phenols (you’ll want to look that up) Helps keep …

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