I am a wife, mom, and curious mind with an extensive background in research and analysis, especially pertaining to functional nutrition, herbalism, aromatherapy, and alternative health. I currently live in Virginia and enjoy creating things, cooking, mentoring, personal development, business strategy, gardening, hiking, playing music, and homeschooling. I'm a huge information nerd and love to share my findings with others.

DIY Florida Water

Florida water is a combination of essential oils mixed with a solvent (in this case, alcohol). It originally was made in Florida, inspired by the Fountain of Youth, which according to folklore is located in St Augustine, FL. Originally, Florida Water was sold as a unisex cologne or perfume, providing a lighter than normal spicy-citrus-floral …

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Energizing Home Remedies For Adrenal Fatigue

Chronic stress causes disease, mental illness, poor habits, and decreased life satisfaction. It affects the brain and body by putting the body into a long-term protective mode against unforeseen threats. Short-term this is great because it protects you, but it contributes to burnout, depression, and anxiety in the long term. In addition, long-term stress can …

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Reviewing Super-B Supplement: Benefits & FAQ

Super B™ is a B-vitamin complex created by Young Living that contains all eight B vitamins and bioavailable chelated minerals to help your body maintain healthy energy levels, support your cardiovascular system and cognitive functioning, and reduce negative feelings caused by everyday stress. Vitamin B is an essential nutrient helping to support healthy neurotransmitter functions, …

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Multigreens Chlorophyll Supplement: Uses, Nutrition, & FAQs

MultiGreens is an exclusive Young Living Essential Oils herbal supplement that combines bee pollen with a variety of healthy greens and essential oils to boost your body’s vitality by supporting your glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems. In this post, you’ll see: Multigreen’s ingredients Multigreen’s benefits How to use Multigreens Medical Warnings FAQs about Multigreens Where …

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DIY Blue Tansy Oil Cleansing Face Cream Your Skin Will Love

Oil cleansing has many therapeutic benefits for your skin. It helps moisturize, protect, reduce free-radical damage, and reduce acne. Women worldwide are replacing their facial cleansers and soaps with the more gentle alternative: oil cleansing face cream. This DIY blue tansy cleansing face cream features the antioxidant benefits of blue tansy and frankincense essential oils. Your homemade blue tansy …

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What is copaiba essential oil? Here are some of our favorite uses and recipes

Copaiba Essential Oil User Guide with 30+ Uses, Benefits & FAQ

Copaiba essential oil helps support your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems and your skin. It’s also known for enhancing the effects of other oils, calming properties, and ability to soothe the digestive system. How Copaiba Essential Oil Is Made Copaiba essential oil is steam distilled from the copaiba resin tapped from Copal trees (copaifera reticulata, copaifera langsdorfii, …

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Crystals and Essential Oils

I will be sharing a series of posts with information on how essential oils can be used along with crystals to enhance and improve your overall wellness.  *A Quick Disclaimer* these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor Health Canada. This event is for informational purposes only and is not …

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Lets Talk Emotions!

Emotions. Everyone has them (even when we pretend not to). Everyone responds to them differently. Sometimes they can be joyful. Other times they can be overwhelming. One thing they all have in common… they can effect our bodies physically and mentally, even when we aren’t aware of them. Emotions on your brain Do you remember …

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Is Your Anger Out of Control? Overcome It With This Tip!

Do you sometimes feel so enraged with anger you literally can’t see straight? You know… that moment when you feel that vibrational change resonating throughout your body that tingles up from your core, out each of your extremities simultaneously. That radiating energy rapidly, yet slowly, radiates up the inside of your head through your spine, turning …

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