Autopilot is Ruining My New Life…

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The other day I went with my toddler to Big Lots because… well I needed to get out of the house for a little bit… I work from home and homeschool… thats a lot of HOME! So I there I was with my son standing next to me, my hands full of stuff that I picked up for one reason or another.

We were at the register and of course “I’m not going to get anything so I don’t need a cart right?” He was holding his Paw Patrol backpack that he so adorably picked out for our up coming family vacation and he saw… CANDY. Bright colorful packages that line the isle of every checkout counter every freaking where… down goes the backpack, and my adorable son turns into a freaking octopus… suddenly he is grabbing 15 different little packages and trying to hand them to me so I can buy them for him. Now he doesn’t know what most of these are… they are just pretty and he wants them.

So I finally get him to put things back where they go..mostly.. And it’s my turn to check out. I put everything up to be scanned and reach to grab a drink… I grabbed a coke…

This is why I am writing this post. I have an addiction to Coke a Cola… I know… it is terrible for you and I am desperately trying to kick the habit. But I was distracted and grabbed what I normally do without even thinking about it.

Thus autopilot is killing my ability to change!

Now how do we break the cycle of auto pilot?

I don’t know about you but I have survived on auto pilot for a long time. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to THRIVE in this mind set.

So I am finding ways to completely reinvent myself using some brainwashing techniques… (LOL Yes I said brainwashing…) and essential oils (OMG… did she just imply that SNAKE OILS were good for you????). Again yes I did!

Many of you are thinking how in the world can I change my life with by saying some silly words over and over then sniffing some smelly oil…. Well, I have some awesome news for you! You can! and IT WORKS!

First, affirmations…

Yup… those silly words that you say to make things happen in your life? Like I am smart, or I am happy… things you need to remind yourself of daily but how many of you actually do?

So many people laugh at daily affirmations and the thought that simply saying something repeatedly can make it true… but there is actually a science behind it. By changing the way you think, changes to the actions involved with those thoughts comes naturally.

For example, if you like coffee and you tell yourself you simply can’t wake up without your morning cup-o-joe then chances are you will be groggy and grumpy till you have your coffee. However if you tell yourself that a nice refreshing glass of lemon water will get you moving in the morning every day for a month, and follow through with that thought by having a nice refreshing glass of lemon water every morning for a month, that will be all you need

So if there is something you want to change in your life simply speak it out loud every day for a month and watch the amazing things happen in your life!?

One thing I use to help myself remember is an awesome personal development book called Mastering Your Mean Girl. It is a great reminder to step back and understand that the voice in the back of our minds that is full of negative things about the way we do things or how we look is just that… Take it for what it is and keep moving forward.

Now, oils are my favorite things in the whole world… aside from my kids… lol. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to help people stay healthy and strong. I am no doctor, and I realize many doctors scoff at natural remedies, but I think that if there is a possibility that you can help your body to work on its own the way it was designed to then its worth giving it a shot.

SO… Lets go back to the lemon water for a minute… There are many benefits from drinking it in the morning… like:

  • decreases in sugary cravings,
  • encourages weight loss
  • increases energy levels

However there are is a major downside to adding lemon to your water… the juice can erode tooth enamel over time.

Because of this I have switched to Lemon Essential oil… It is cold pressed from the rind so it doesn’t contain the acid the juice does and it still has all of the amazing health benefits of lemon, without eroding your tooth enamel! I just add a drop to a tsp of local honey and stir that into my morning glass of water and enjoy!

(Side note: you always want to use glass or metal to drink from when using essential oils!)

What changes would you like to see this month? Tell us in the comments below!

Need Oils?

The oils we talked about today can be found through Young Living.

We LOVE their dedication to quality through their seed to seal guarantee that sets industry standards, and their transparency with encouraging visits to their farms to see how the plants are farmed, harvested, and distilled. ​

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