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This month’s promotion includes everything you need to soak up a million summertime memories.  

June 2020 Young Living Promotions:

Please note, the promotions graphics below are for ​US members only. There are separate promotions for different world regions.

For our international members, the following links will outline your promotional items for this month:

If you do not see your country and are a member with us, let Nicole know! we would be happy to find the proper promotional items for you!

SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveUS June 2020 Promotions

Monthly promotions are based on how much you spend in one single order. PV is “point value” (used because Young Living is an international company managing different currencies). Typically in the US, PV is the same as the $$amount. Sometimes they are slightly different with a higher $price than PV, like when purchasing diffusers.

When you make a qualifying order of 190, 250, or 300pv, you will automatically receive the following free items:

*please note if you’re on Essential Rewards, you’ll also receive an extra essential oil each on 100pv and 190pv ER purchases*

  • IF you’re enrolled with Essential Rewards (ER)… AND spend more than 100pv, you’ll earn an exclusive 15ml bottle of Citronella Essential Oil. If you spend over 190pv on Essential Rewards, you’ll also receive a Young Living branded Picnic Blanket
  • A 5ml bottle of Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend (free with all 190+ pv purchases)
  • In addition to Peace and Calming, you will also receive 5ml Kunzea essential oil blend roller bottle for free with your 250+pv purchases.
  • In addition to the Peace and Calming and kunzea essential oils, you will also receive a 15ml bottle of Cool Azul essential oil blend – all free with your purchase over 300pv

April 2020 Young Living Business Incentives

Young Living has introduced the Help 2 + Help 4 initiative to reward business leaders for expanding their businesses through Young Living.

Big dreams = strong teams!

HELP TWO people enroll, reactivate, or upgrade from retail to wholesale accounts with an ER order of 100PV or more, and Young Living will send you a 5ml bottle of Carrot Seed oil, a 15ml bottle of Cypress, a 5ml bottle of Geranium, a 5ml bottle of Stress Away, a 15ml bottle of Grapefruit, a 15ml bottle of Lemongrass, a 15ml bottle of Lime, and a bottle of 15ml Tangerine!

This bundle of oils will help your team soak up every extra minute of daylight with obvious outdoor picks and sunshine-scented must-haves. New members can also purchase a Basic Kit plus 100 PV on ER to qualify you for Level Up rewards!

HELP FOUR members enroll, reactivate, or upgrade from retail to wholesale with a 100PV+ ER order, Young Living will send you the amazing list of oils above PLUS a STUNNING Aroma Essential Oil Backpack!!!

Classy and functional, your team members can tote around 140 essential oils, plus laptops, wallets, and notepads, in this vegan-leather backpack.

The Fine Print: Incentive prizes will vary from month to month. This is the March Level Up promotion!-You are able to enroll, reactivate, or upgrade from retail to wholesale NFR members with the PSK International 220v, to qualify for Level Up and Double Up gifts.-Reactivated members must have had their account dropped for inactivity for 13 months or longer.-If a member does not purchase their PSK on ER, they can still qualify by placing their enrollment order and a 100 PV ER order within the month of March to qualify.

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