Customize your own Young Living Starter Kit

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Don't want a Premium Starter Kit? Looking for something more customizable? We have you covered! (Slide show below)

Get started with Young Living with your own personalized Starter Kit

What comes in the Basic Starter Kit?

With your purchase of the Basic Starter Kit, you'll receive a tin of Thieves Mints, a 5ml bottle of Stress Away, a bottle of Thieves Hand Sanitizer, and 2 packets of Ningxia Red (my favorite supplement drink of all time). This Basic Starter Kit costs $35.

Use the Young Living Basic Starter Kit to create your own personalized starter kit… and you'll still receive:

  • Lifetime 24% discount on all future orders
  • Access to products to help you attain a healthier lifestyle
  • Option to earn free oils with qualifying purchases
  • Opportunity to create an additional stream of income [Totally optional]

And when you use one of our website's links to purchase your basic starter kit, you'll also receive:

  • Essential oil reference guide smart phone and tablet app (**for orders 100pv or more)
    (or opt for a 400-page physical book – available for new US members only)
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook groups
  • Personalized individual and group lifestyle coaching
  • Complimentary access to ALL of our online courses
  • [OPTIONAL] Personalized business strategy consulting

Young Living provides all their wholesale members with the unique ability to earn referral income. With your purchase of a Basic Starter Kit, you become a wholesale member. For every person you refer using your unique link, you may be eligible for bonuses. See our business FAQ article for more information.

Customizing Your Basic Starter Kit

We completely understand not wanting to start with one of the Premium Starter Kits. Many people already have oils and diffusers, and want better ideas on how to get started while continuing to use up what they already have.

We wouldn't want you to purchase something you don't need, so we put together a few ideas of items you can add to your basic starter kit to help personalize your experience beginning with Young Living.

  • your pets
  • featuring Beauty
  • with CBD
  • for Gut Health
  • featuring Nontoxic Dental Care
  • for a Clean, Healthy Home
  • for your hair
  • specially made for your kids
  • with Ningxia Red
  • for enjoying the outdoors, annoyance free
  • specially made for your baby
  • specifically for men

When you add our suggested items to your $35 Basic Starter Kit, you're looking at spending approximately $100, not including shipping or taxes.

You can download our free customizable Young Living Starter Kit eBook by filling out the form below:

Don't want to create your own? We have several Premium Starter Kit options that you may love!

  • Premium Starter Kit featuring Essential Oils
  • Thieves Premium Starter Kit
  • Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit
  • CBD Premium Starter Kit
  • Savvy Minerals Makeup Premium Starter Kit

Need help getting started??

We have team members all over the world who would love to help you get started on your journey with Young Living and living a healthier lifestyle. Please feel welcome to connect with us if you have any questions and need help on where to start. You aren't on this journey alone!

Please let us know in the comments… Did this post help you? What are you adding in with your customizable starter kit? We would love to hear about it!


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