Can you use essential oils on hair?

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Recently I was asked: “Can I use essential oils in my hair?” by a friend who recently had a baby.

Her question made me think back to when my first son was born, I remember all too well what it was like being 3 months postpartum when my hair fell out by the handful. I would stand in the shower, sticking numerous strands of hair the wall, slightly disturbed by how much was on there when it was time to get out, and thankful that wet hair sticks to shower insert walls instead of clogging the drain. And even more thankful when I found something to help it stop.

Help! My hair keeps falling out after having my baby! We found a natural way to help!
Yup. That is my hair on my shower wall… as an attempt to not clog our drain. Even more came out when combing my hair. 3.5 months postpartum.

This morning I giggle a little, holding my now three-month old and noticing those same hormone changes, cleaning a handful of hair off the side of the shower before my husband sees how much I'm shedding, and thinking about what to add to my next oils order (because receiving free bonus oils is always something I look forward to… its like Christmas every month).

Back to the initial question… Can you use essential oils in your hair??

The quick answer: yes! Yes, you can use essential oils in your hair.

Benefits of Using Essential Oils in Your Hair

  • Essential oils may help thicken and grow your hair
  • You may be able to naturally lighten your hair color with essential oils
  • You can use essential oils in your own DIY homemade hair spray, and ditch toxic sprays
  • Regrow your postpartum hair loss

Whether you're looking to increase your hair growth, your hair thickness, and even your hair shade… there are many ways you can use essential oils for your hair! Not to mention, using essential oils in a homemade hair spray or as a natural fragrance in your homemade shampoo.

Thicken & Grow Your Hair With Essential Oils

No, not talking about thickening each strand of hair… I'm talking fill-in in where your hair may be thinning. Often hormone changes are at play when you feel like your hair is thinning. A few essential oils that help turn that around include:

** PLEASE NOTE ** Don't be fooled by clever marketing. Not all essential oils are created equally. Make sure you're not wasting your money on fake or altered essential oils (even if they're labeled as “pure essential oil”). Don't miss our explosive report outlining the dirty little secrets of the essential oil industry to ensure you're not wasting your money on brands of oils that legally mislead you through deceitful marketing practices.

My favorite recipe: add 2-3 drops each of lavender, rosemary, and cedarwood to 10ml of a carrier oil, and apply where you need it on your scalp and on the bottoms of your feet.

A carrier oil can be any cold-pressed, seed-based oil (ideally organic and unrefined). This includes most cooking oil, like coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. Personally, we LOVE using sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and the V6 Carrier oil (made by Young Living). This is the best way to dilute your essential oils for topical use.

Lighten Your Hair Color With Essential Oils

This one is a bit tricky because while lemon oil does a great job at lightening hair, you don't want it to touch any part of your skin, if you plan on that skin area being exposed to sunlight within 12 hours of application.

Make a DIY Hair Spray Using Essential Oils

My favorite recipe for making my own hairspray is to heat a cup of water and 1-2 Tablespoons of sugar. Bring it to a boil. Then let it cool. Add in 12-ish drops of your favorite essential oils, and stir. For this recipe, I love using lavender and rosemary essential oils, but you can use whichever oils you feel compelled to use. Then funnel them to an 8oz spray bottle. Shake, spray, and enjoy.

DIY hairspray recipe, featuring essential oils

How I use essential oils for my hair:

As a mom who stays home with a 3 year old and 3 month old with a busy husband, managing a few websites, and running a coaching business… life doesn't afford me much for spare time. After all the cleaning is done, meals are cooked and eaten, and of course managing to schedule in some ever important self-care, I don't have much time or energy left for too much DIY (or maintaining DIY items). As much as I love to get creative, I'd honestly rather do some crafts with my boy while the baby sits in a bouncy seat smiling and giggling with us.

I'll be the first to admit… I like quick and easy. Sometimes that makes me feel lazy, but in all honesty its ok to push that mom-guilt aside and choose priorities. And I'd honestly rather be baking something fun (like a these paleo red velvet cupcakes) or taking a family walk… or a nap… while procrastinating starting more loads of laundry.

So when it comes to using essential oils to support my hair growth and thickness, I take the easy way and add a 5ml bottle each of rosemary and cedarwood to my shampoo. If you choose to do this too, please be careful not to get your shampoo in your eyes. If by chance you do get essential oils into your eyes, use a carrier oil to flush your eyes… don't use water.

Yup. That simple! And that is ok… using oils doesn't need to be complicated!

A non-DIY Alternative for safe, nontoxic hair spray.

The new Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil is a luxurious multitasking hair treatment formulated to help minimize frizz and keep your locks soft and shiny, no matter what your hair type. This lightweight treatment is designed to leave your hair feeling and looking silky, smooth, and sensational. It’s infused with argan, monoi, and abyssinian oils to hydrate your hair with fatty acids and Vitamin E.

Mirah Hair Oil also contains a combination of passion fruit seed oil, grapeseed oil, fractionated coconut oil, and camellia oil which have been used for centuries to moisturize and condition dry hair. These exotic oils add luster, long-lasting brightness, and have been shown to improve the hair’s resistance to breaking and decreasing the number of hairs lost while styling.

This hair oil comes in a dropper bottle, but it is very easy to put a spray topper on it to use as a spritz.

10 reasons you will love the new Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil:

  1. Lightweight and fast-absorbing
  2. Non-greasy. Gives hair a sleek, glossy finish
  3. Ideal for conditioning, styling, and finishing
  4. Minimizes frizz and improves hair’s manageability
  5. Helps prevent hair breakage
  6. Promotes bright, lustrous, and healthy-looking hair
  7. Contains Rose, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Orange, Black Spruce, Geranium and Sage essential oils!
  8. 100 % plant-based, naturally derived ingredients
  9. Vegan and cruelty-free
  10. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic dyes/colorants

Thank You for Reading About Using Essential Oils in Your Hair

Let us know in the comments if you've used essential oils in your hair. What is your favorite DIY recipe?

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