Who We Are

EssentialOils.Life was created to serve as a place to share how using essential oils and oil-infused products can enhance your lifestyle and overall wellbeing. We are a community healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, lead by Nicole Graber, who have combined our love of helping other families and nontoxic living and taken them to the next level… by publishing our favorite lifestyle tips and developing teams to help spread our mission and love to more people.

We are dedicated to helping you learn and implement a healthier lifestyle with ease and efficiency… because when you find an essential oils mentor who cares, you exponentially increase how quickly and efficiently you’re able to start using essential oils safely because we take the guess work out.

Our essential oils team is filled with passionate women who fell in love with essential oils and oil-infused products. We all were so impressed by the fantastic results their families experienced, that they couldn’t resist sharing them with the world!

​All of the content on this website is written by our leaders, who also provide individual and group coaching pertaining to safe and effective essential oils use. We are passionate about helping you reach your goals both in health and wellness, and in business.

Our Featured Leaders & Coaches:

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Let us know! We are experienced in handling long distance coaching sessions, and provide our members with access to exclusive, international online support groups. 

Our Purpose:

We have a lovely little community filled with supportive women who love providing each other with support and new ideas. We want you to feel empowered to embrace the healthier lifestyle movement, and free yourself from the effects of harmful chemicals.

  • Ideas on how to use essential oils
  • Recipes for DIY crafts and gifts featuring essential oils
  • Recipes for cooking with vitality essential oils
  • Information about essential oils
  • connection with local and international support groups featuring people ready to help with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences
  • optional drama-free business support​

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Whether you join us on a journey to help your family's well-being, to ditch the toxins in your home, or to build your own business focused on helping others on their journey, we would be honored to help you through it. We truly believe you are fully capable of achieving greater goals, and want nothing more but to help you succeed.

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Nicole is putting her business degree, research skills, and additional studies to work through developing an exclusive online course for people building a truly authentic oily business. If you'd like to be included in the next course, please let us know!

** Please note... There will never be any pressure or quotas to worry about. Just let us know what your goals are so we know what type of support to provide you.