Nikki Cardone

Nikki is an Artistic Director/Hairstylist at an Aveda Salon in Oklahoma City. She has found a strong passion in serving others.

After searching long and hard for products that are natural, promote wellness and a toxin-free lifestyle, she started using products with Young Living.

Once she became a member and regularly used higher quality essential oils, personal care products, and living a healthier lifestyle, she was breathing better and found herself sleeping better. I

t didn't take long for her to become 100% obsessed, and started seeking out opportunities to bless people in her life with similar experiences. Nikki doesn’t currently have children, but she loves having a natural way to take care of the fur babies in her household.

Some of Nikki's Favorites

Nikki found her passion in providing support and encouragement for others looking to reach their own wellness goals using a holistic approach.

Nikki starts every morning by diffusing awaken or peppermint and drinking Ninxia Red.

She uses Joy as her favorite perfume, and also loves using the thieves for its immunity boosting properties, always making sure she is stocked up on it!

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