Media Kit

Thank you for looking into our Media Kit to see how we can work together.

On this page, we will outline:

  • Who my readers are,
  • Website statistics,
  • Requirements for sponsored

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EssentialOils.Life Readers are:

  • Parents searching for tools and tips for healthy lifestyle alternatives for their families, homes, and pets;
  • Primarily women, 25-44 yrs old, 
  • The largest majority of our readers reside in the United States. We also see many returning readers from Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Singapore, the Philippines, and throughout Europe.
  • More than 75% are parents or teachers of children, ages infant through 11 years old; 
  • Most are looking for ways to remove toxic chemicals from their homes,
  • Our readers are looking for DIY recipes, to share their experiences, and to receive support for living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Online shoppers.

Website and Social Media Statistics

  • Average monthly website visitors: 11,000+
  • Pinterest Monthly Viewers: 765,000+

EssentialOils.Life is currently accepting:

  • Sponsored posts (within specific guidelines)
  • Guest posts (on a case-by-case basis if not already affiliated with Nicole's team or network)

Requirements for Publishing on EssentialOils.Life:

Topics should also be mindful not to repeat what has already been published here on EssentialOils.Life.

We have very specific rules that must be met for any content placed on our site:

  • 1,500 words minimum (quality)
  • Human-written (absolutely no AI)
  • Conversational, friendly tone
  • Comply with FDA/FTC regulations
  • Must not be a post published on any other site
  • Edited for grammar, comprehension, and to ensure there's no plagiarism (I will also run a scan with Grammarly)
  • Edited for SEO (I do appreciate using SEO editing tools like RankIQ, TFIDF, TextOptimizer, or SurferSEO)
  • Author is authorized to embed no more than 2 links in the text that direct to your blog.
  • Author is authorized an author box byline, including an additional link to your homepage and social media accounts
  • ALL links are no-follow, unless the author is a member of the Insiders membership, on my writing team, subscribed in our Young Living Essential Oils Membership, or has a pre-existing writing relationship with me (regular authors will be provided do-follow links)
  • Syndicating to Newsbreak by EssentialOils.Life is only on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed or implied
  • Any article taking more than 1 hour to edit will be returned for further editing.
  • EssentialOils.Life receives the copyright for the document upon submission.  
  • Articles should be submitted via a Google document, Proton document, or Skiff document.
  • Any article linking to a corporate/sales website will be marked as Sponsored, and billed appropriately

For Sponsored Posts: At the top of the page will be the legal disclaimer that the post is sponsored, along with your company's name. At the end of the content, your company will have a brief description with a link pointing to your site.

Topic ideas the EssentialOils.Life Audience Loves:

  • DIY instructions featuring essential oils
  • Crafts centered around essential oils
  • Food or drink recipes featuring essential oils
  • Product reviews that complement essential oils and wellness (diffusers, jewelry, books/ebooks, courses…etc)
  • Using essential oils in a part of your lifestyle
  • Family essential oil uses
  • Skincare or hair care topics that involve using essential oils
  • Culinary recipes featuring essential oils as flavoring agents
  • Holiday topics that include using essential oils or essential oil-infused recipes or products
  • Toxin awareness and healthy home topics (using essential oils or oil-infused products to create a healthier home or replace harmful products)

If you have another idea not listed or have a specific topic in mind, please feel welcome to pitch your idea using the requirements found at the bottom of this page, after reviewing the rest of my requirements and FAQs.

ALL content shall NOT contain:

  • Any mention or comparison to medication
  • Information regarding any illness, disease, treatment, or condition that could potentially be diagnosed or self-diagnosed through the content.
  • Any mention of FDA trigger words, such as antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, sanitize… etc…
  • Links will ONLY be accepted as long as they point to a relevant US FDA and FTC-compliant website. We will not be linking our website to any other website that violates FTC/FDA compliance.
  • All websites linked to will contain PG, family-friendly content
  • Links will only go to websites that do not compete with our primary affiliate
  • Any link showing up as broken at any time in the future will be removed and/or replaced, without notice.

ALL links for sponsored posts will be tagged as No-Follow Sponsored, as per US FTC regulations and Google guidelines.

Sponsored Post Fees

Fees for publishing on EssentialOils.Life: $650 USD.

Whether you provide a post to me or request I write it, this fee remains consistent. I do prefer writing the post being sponsored. Half the cost will be due when a sponsored post is commissioned and is non-refundable. The remaining amount is due upon publishing with a five-business-day grace period and is also non-refundable. If full payment is not received by 4 pm EST 5 business days after publishing, the published post will be unpublished and may be repurposed without your consent or mention.

EssentialOils.Life will hold the copyright to any content published on this site.

I do provide limited SEO editing for posts provided to me. Articles requiring major editing will be rejected. I do recommend using a service like RankIQ, SurferSEO, TFIDF, and TEXTOPTIMIZER to help with SEO.

If you're asking for a product or service review, this fee is in addition to providing the product or service (including shipping).

If you want me to run an ad campaign, I will require an additional fee to cover ad costs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions concerning publishing on EssentialOils.Life

Guidelines for Pitching on EssentialOils.Life

To get in touch with us about providing sponsored posts or guest posts (or receiving a guest post from one of our team members for your website), please email Nicole with a detailed message (email in the list below).

** Please note, vague emails will be marked as spam and deleted. Nicole receives pitches for publishing on her websites daily, most of which are asking for generic collaborations without any details whatsoever. To save time and get noticed, be sure to follow the guidelines below.

Due to a high volume of spammy offers, we will not be responding to pitches that do not meet our criteria.

  • Please do not start your pitch with a fake compliment. This trend is disingenuous, especially when the compliment is entirely irrelevant. If you'd like to send a compliment, at least ensure it is relevant first.
  • Identify which website you write for (or intend to write for), and whether you're writing on behalf a client.
  • Make sure you offer a few topic ideas that make sense for EssentialOils.Life and your blog/brand. *** The topic MUST include some sort of non-medical use of essential oils.
  • While not necessary, it's nice to offer something in return, such as promoting the post, a reciprocal opportunity to post on your site (even if it is appropriately syndicating the original post as it is published), or linking to the post from your press page. (Offering something is way better than a sleazy fake compliment)
  • Place “EO.L Post Request” in the subject line so we know you have read and agreed to our terms. This will also fast-track, gaining Nicole's attention.
  • Submit guest/sponsored post pitches to nicole @ EssentialOils.Life

After submitting your topic request, please allow 5 business days for a response.