How To Use Your Young Living Virtual Office

Your Virtual Office doesn’t have to be a scary place to trod online. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize how user friendly it is.

How to make an order using your Young Living Virtual Office

To place an order, go to and log in. Then, select “Quick Order” or “Essential Rewards.” From there, follow the prompts, and add in the products you wish to order. The way it looks will look very similar to when you made your Starter Kit purchase.

How to Manage Your Account with Young Living in your Virtual Office

 Managing your account allows you to update your address, phone number, and email preferences. You can also review past orders.

How to Change Your Essential Rewards Order

You can change your Essential Rewards order as often as you want… including the products and the date it processes. If you can’t find a date you want, you can also hit the “process now” button to process it manually.

How to Redeem Your Essential Rewards Points:

You are able to redeem your points after 2 months of being on Essential Rewards. Your points are valid for up to 12 months of receiving them.

You can see more about the Essential Rewards program on our ER Page

Managing Your OPTIONAL Young Living Business:

Young Living isn’t just about essential oils and healthy products. They also have an opportunity to provide you with commissions in exchange for you sharing your love of your oils and products with other people. Check out our Business Posts for more information on creating and managing an oily business.

For more information about how much you can make with Young Living, please see Young Living’s current Income Disclosure Statement.

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Have questions???

Be sure to connect with your sponsor for answers to your specific questions regarding using your Young Living Virtual Office. Don’t have an account or a sponsor yet? If you don’t have a sponsor, you can sign up for one here.

If you would like your questions to be added to this page, please fill out this quick form. We will be adding frequently asked questions as more arise. Thank you!