Oils You Need For Success in 2019

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Have you thought much about taking your success to the next level using essential oils to help boost your professional endeavors??

I can’t help but to think about Albert Einstein and his famous quote: “Energy is everything.” Everything has a frequency… our thoughts… our emotions… our bodies… food… essential oils… Everything. What is fantastic is when we use energy to receive help where we need it.

But using essential oils isn’t just for smelling nice… or even their therapeutic properties. Essential oils can also bring too you a stronger sense of self-worth, success, and the inspiration to achieve it.

18 Essential Oils to Attract Abundance To You This Year

Grab a pen and some paper (or pull up your Virtual Office in a new tab) to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these! This year is your year… as long as you’re seizing opportunities and leading with your heart… so let’s make it count!

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The most common cause of failure or stagnation is a poverty mindset. If you lack the ability to believe you deserve abundance, then this oils is necessary for your journey. I mean…. who doesn’t want more abundance? Unfortunately a lot of us don’t, and we don’t even know it.

Abundance is what will allow you to bless the world with your gifts, but you can’t give those gifts within you until you allow yourself to receive in return. Giving may make you feel more blessed than receiving, but you certainly can’t give unless you first receive. Fill your cup so you can pour into others.

here is a free list of our favorite affirmations from our favorite business podcast). Adding this routine to our day has significantly increased my productivity, joy, inspiration, and motivation.

Present Time

Don’t compare yourself to others… don’t let your thoughts run so wild you end up in a cycle of anxiousness.

Use the Present Time essential oil blend to help you be present right now and keep your eyes on how you can serve those around you. Living in the moment will help keep you focused and moving forward.

Build Your Dream

Dreams we put in your heart for a reason.

It is your privilege to see them come come to pass. If you don’t take action, it’s a tragedy. Your dream… that thing you long to do and achieve… it is yours to use to positively impact the people around you.

Now is the time to build your dream and not build the dream of others. Use the Build Your Dream essential oil blend to help inspire you to continue moving forward with that dream you love. Need help? Talk with us!

Oola Grow

The greatest gift is to be a learner. Always learning, always growing. Be humble and always willing to learn from everyone you meet.

Our favorite way to use the Oola Grow essential oil blend is in the diffuser or in diffusing jewelry while we read business or personal development books.


Those without a vision will parish.

Any type of change, whether you’re looking to increase your success, establish healthier habits, ditch old mindset patterns… change requires a vision. Without it, falling into old habits that no longer serve you will be a never-ending cycle.

Your future is in your hands, but you need to be able to see it. The more you see it the more you can communicate it, the more you can share it with others, the more you can bring others along with you and the more you can change the lives of the people in your path.

Feeling stuck? Sniff and apply Envision essential oil blend on a regular basis and ask God what your purpose is… who He might have you help.

Leaders are incredibly passionate about health, wellness and setting people free. Find your passion and go after it!!


Living inspired requires creativity, and enough down time to allow inspiration to come to you. This is a major difference between just drifting through life, and taking action. Inspiration is what causes the drive for us to take that inspired action so we can move forward, stepping into success.

Inspiration essential oil blend helps with setting your mind into the mood you need to allow inspiration to come to you.

Diffuse this oil blend to inspire yourself and your team this year! Inspire your members to share with their friends. Inspire others to take their health to the next level. Bring Inspiration to your daily routine. You were born to create! Think for a moment… what kind of team culture will you crate?

Oola Balance

I know… the cursed “b” word. Balance. While we often feel overwhelmed trying to “balance it all,” it is wise to realize you don’t have to do everything all at once. It is ok to set one thing down so you can pick up another.

Balance is a bit of a myth, but some of us need it more than others… especially when it comes to balancing our thoughts and moods. Stop the overwhelming crazy thoughts. Keep Oola Balance on hand for when you feel like you need to come back to a middle ground.


Everyone need motivation and inspiration at times… and while “motivation” isn’t something you can find… this oil blend does help provide you with the drive you need to get moving and stop procrastinating.

Keep this one on hand for those times or diffuse by your work station constantly to keep moving whenever you are focuses on work!


Hopefully you will grab this one before it goes out of stock. Freedom is priceless, literally. Slather yourself in this one for you, for you team and for all your future team members!

Highest Potential

You have no limits. You are only limited by your potential… and YOU set artificial limits on that potential based on your thoughts and beliefs.

It’s time that you remind yourself of that daily! Keep your Highest Potential essential oil blend one by your workstation and meditate on that whenever you need a little pick-up!


We all need clarity at times for where we are heading, we often get derailed! Make sure you use Clarity often to keep your focus and keep your eyes on what matters most, PEOPLE! The people you will introduce to this company and the people that you already have the privilege to serve.


Sometimes we need to reminders of where we are so we can know and plan for where we want to go.

Grounding is one of my favorites for focus. It helps me keep my feet on the ground when my head is up in the clouds. Dreaming up a future is fun… especially when we aren’t getting overly carried away and actually implement actionable steps that can help us achieve those dreams.

Which of these oils do you have in your stash? Which do you need to grab for 2019?

Essential oil blends you NEED for a more successful life and business

Oils, these little bottles of plant juice are pretty much magical… but if you don’t use them then you can’t experience all of the magic.

If you don’t have these oils in your stash, start adding them to your Essential Rewards ASAP! Not on Essential Rewards? Then you’re missing out on some great FREE essential oils and oil-infused products!

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Because it’s time for a new start and it’s time to go beyond what you ever thought you were capable of. Your oils WILL help you along your journey!

Make sure you have a well stocked stash of these little bottles of greatness, keep them in your office or nearby your work station constantly!

Where to find these essential oil blends

All of these oil blends are exclusive to Young Living. We love purchasing from Young Living because of their dedication to quality and Seed To Seal Guarantee. Plus it is a refreshing breath of fresh air to purchase from a company that willingly invites you to the farms where the plant matter that creates the oil is created, distilled, and bottled. We LOVE their farm-to-table approach to growing, distilling, bottling, and delivering your oils right to your door!​

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