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No doubt about it we love our essential oils and the nontoxic, truly healthy lifestyle that comes with using them! Last year I attended an Essential Oils Revolution Summit online and it was absolutely incredible. My favorite aspect- they are able to talk about everything I’m not allowed to because I sell essential oils. Why can I not talk about them? To remain FDA compliant, I cannot discuss anything that could be interpreted as diagnosing or treating any abnormal health ailment, even if there is research available to back it up.

The information shared last year in the Essential Oils Revolution Summit was awe-inspiring, and worth every second I spent listening and watching. This year, they are rolling out a sequel: Essential Oils Revolution Summit 2, which will run August 22nd through August 28th 2016. Below, I added the itinerary so you can see the for yourself the total value of the summit.


UPDATE: While these talks were released in August 2016, you can still purchase them from Dr Eric Z’s website at

You are also welcome to check out the original Essential Oil Revolution on Dr Eric Z’s website at:

*I do not make any income off this recommendation… it is purely for educational purposes only. 

We hope you join us this year in watching or listening to these events. They are so encouraging, motivating, and inspiring, and truly educational.



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