Thieves Home Cleaning Kit


The Thieves Home Cleaning Kit has everything you need to get started with natural cleaning in your home, office, or if you’re looking for natural options for a cleaning business.


This cleaning kit comes with:

  • Thieves Cleaner Concentrate (our favorite minimalist cleaner that tackles everything)
  • A glass spray bottle to dilute your Thieves Cleaner in
  • A stainless steel cleaning bucket
  • A soft cleaning cloth
  • Lemon essential oil,
  • Pine essential oil,
  • Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend,
  • Purification® essential oil blend,
  • Thieves essential oil blend
  • An essential oil bottle carrying case,
  • A cleaning recipe instructional booklet

My family LOVES using the recipe cleaning booklet to create fresh aromas to use while we are cleaning.


For ideas on how to use your Thieves Cleaner, check out our Thieves Cleaning Kit Review and our post about 50+ ways to use Thieves Household Cleaner.

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