Recommended reading for essential oil entrepreneurs

Recommended Books

Reading is important to building yourself as a person and as a leader, and also increase your knowledge about essential oils, how they work, and what they do.

This page is dedicated to the books I’ve read and believe are worth the time spent reading (yes, that means this is just a short preview of the books I’ve read). I hope you enjoy these as much as I have!

~ Nicole

Books on how to use essential oils

These books are designed to teach you when and how to use essential oils. They are generic books and only cover single oils and do have some DIY blends. They are definitely worth keeping on hand.

Reference books to help you use essential oils that include Young Living’s exclusive brand

Gentle Babies covers using essential oils during pregnancy, breast-feeding, and young child ages. It is a more controversial book because it is not conservative when it comes to essential oil safety. I tend to be more cautious with oils than what is written in this book, but it is still a good book to have and read if you have kids or are expecting. I tend to dilute more than what the book recommends.

Taming The Dragon Within Us helps you learn more about all the special women’s health fun. Its a great book to help you overcome that time fo the month… and that season of life… gracefully, oily, and less moody.

Lucy Libido is all about helping you use oils to spice up your love life, and a must have for all oil-enthusiasts.

Healing Oils of the Bible talks in detail about all the oil uses and mentions from the Holy Bible.

The last three reference guides in the book list above are reference guides. They help you navigate how to use your oils, the science behind each oil, and when you might want to use certain oils. They’re definitely a must  have, especially if you’re working on building a business. Using oils isn’t all about knowing everything there is to know.. its about knowing where to find the information you need to make an educated decision.

Books about essential oils

These are a bit clinical, but still fairly easy to read and quite intriguing!

Of the 8 titles listed above, I believe the Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils is the most important to have. The rest are super intriguing, if you’re into science and like to geek out on info.

Personal Development Books

This is a list of books I highly recommend for improving yourself. Even reading them multiple times will challenge you in different ways during different phases of life.

15 invaluable Laws of Growth is one of those books that you deserve to read every year. The rest of these books are ones I’ve read over the years that really spoke to me much more efficiently than other books I’ve read. I do make it a point to read at least one personal development book per month. If you’d like to join in, I would love to have you join me as personal development reading  accountability partners. Just shoot over an email to Nicole (at)

Marketing Books

These books are fantastic!! They are motivating, inspiring, and instructive.

Great personal development books you can also read to your kids

Because who doesn’t enjoy a good personal development book that littles will be ok listening to also. Though most of these don’t have much of anything for pictures, they are still great books to read if your little is at the age where they want you to read and don’t really care too much about pictures – or if yours is like mine is currently and wants you to read aloud while they flip through their own book. Also great for teens and pre-teens who don’t have the novel attention span.

Typically kids 9 and up can greatly benefit from personal development books as well. Children typically develop the logic center in their brains at 8 years old. Starting the habit young can yield some fantastic results in confidence, critical thinking skills, and future success. For younger kids, there are still some good books that you can use to inspire growth.

I absolutely love the 7 Habits collections. They’ve really expanded their book lineup to graciously include all ages within families.