Young Living Sponsors: What you need to know

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Once you sign up for a Young Living account, you’ll notice that you need a Young Living sponsor. If you don’t already have one, one will be automatically assigned to you. Because of how Young Living structures their business, everyone has a sponsor. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about Young Living Sponsors, including:

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** Don’t forget to scroll to the end where I provide a FREE worksheet you may download to use in your journey to becoming a quality Young Living Sponsor, which can also be used to help you identify a high quality Young Living Sponsor if you’re not looking to build a Young Living business.

What is a Yong Living Sponsor?

A Young Living Sponsor is someone who is a fellow essential oil user who is there to help you navigate 3 main tasks:

  • Coach you how to properly use essential oils,
  • Which essential oil infused products would benefit your lifestyle and needs,
  • The business opportunity, if you decide to use it.

This is where I need to put in a disclaimer… I LOVE Young Living, and enjoy all they have to offer. However, I also receive an alarming number of emails from our readers who don’t have sufficient support asking for guidance and help with using essential oils appropriately and safely. Most companies like Young Living and doTERRA DO NOT provide any training for how to become a coach, how to use essential oils safely, or how to conduct your business. This is the job of the sponsor to figure out. Not all sponsors teach the same information or provide the same level of support. If you are new looking to sign up with one of these companies, please interview your prospective “upline” first to gain an understanding of exactly what you should expect.

A Young Living sponsor is someone who helps you navigate your way through Young Living, essential oils, and building a business with YL, if you chose to do so.  There are 10 main purposes of a YL essential oils sponsor, and a few suggestions on what to look for if you need a sponsor.
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Young Living Sponsor vs Enroller

So… what is the difference between a Young Living Sponsor and a Young Living Enroller?

Young Living Sponsors are your first line of support. Your Enroller is the person who enrolled you. Usually the Sponsor and Enroller is the same person.

To have a different Sponsor and Enroller, the Sponsor must be within the Enroller’s personal organization, otherwise known as “downline.”

Why would you give a new Enrollee to a different Young Living Sponsor?

Sometimes Young Living business leaders choose to organize their business in a specific manner to better help them earn the next rank and subsequent pay increases. Sometimes this happens because the Enroller wants to provide you with a second line of direct support.

Personally, I’ve “stacked” new members I’ve enrolled under a different sponsor while remaining the enroller because of known impending family chaos. As a military family who moves a lot, it is beneficial for me to have a leader within my organization that I have personally trained to help me care for a new member when we are in the middle of moving, and when my husband has returned from deployments, or during dedicated family vacations where I’m less accessible.

There are many reasons to choose a different Sponsor within the Enroller’s organization, but ultimately it is to best serve the new member. When times aren’t tough with family chaos, I often will place new members under the sponsorship of someone who lives closer to them, or at least in the same time zone or with a similar schedule.

How to change your new member’s Young Living Sponsor

Congratulations on enrolling a new member! If you’re wanting to change the sponsor of your new member to someone in your organization, call or live chat with your Member ID and PIN number. Let them know your new member’s Member ID, and ask them to change their sponsor to your Sponsoring Member’s Member ID while leaving you as the enroller. This usually takes a couple minutes to process and show up in your Virtual Office.

Criteria I used to find a Young Living Sponsor

  1. Personally experienced profound health success stories
  2. Approchable personality
  3. Online presence through a blog and either Facebook or LinkedIn
  4. Has had some success in Young Living (minimum Executive Rank)
  5. Has a large support group for using the products and for business support
  6. Respects proper essential oil safety use guidelines
  7. Values continuing education and being a perpetual student, and frequently shares information they receive
  8. Solid understanding in online marketing, building mostly online

My personal Young Living journey started out on Pinterest. I was curious about doTERRA after seeing a car window sign at my OB’s office when I was pregnant with my first Little. Upon looking up doTERRA, I learned about Young Living, and ended up signing up for both to compare (I do have my comparison published if you want to read it).

While searching on Pinterest, I found a blogger named Becky Webb through her Rooted Blessings website where she talked a lot about natural health and natural pregnancy. She was an Executive leader, having had impressive positive results using oils for a variety of issues I was experiencing. Somehow I lost her posts in my 31,000-something pin collection. Instead of signing up with a different person, I spent 6 months looking for her pins again, and then enrolled with her the day before my oldest was born.

I feel incredibly grateful for that choice to follow my intuition and sign up with Becky. She introduced me to a world of blogging support, and helped guide me through growing my business online, which was important to me being an introverted military wife, moving frequently with no local support system, and overcoming chronic autoimmune disease. Now, with her help and direction, I run several websites, and am very close to reaching Silver.

** Because this section discusses Young Living ranks, here is the link to their Income Disclosure so you can see the average income levels, and the compensation plan so you can read the requirements.

Why do you need a Young Living Sponsor?

Young Living requires each new member to have a sponsor.

Young Living is set up as a network marketing company. Instead of spending their marketing budget on TV ads, internet ads, magazine ads, and newspaper ads, Young Living choses to invest in their customers, rewarding them for referrals.

In order to track which commissions go to which members, they use a sponsor and enrolled format. Every member is assigned a sponsor upon account creation. Most people choose their sponsor and enrolled, but sometimes people sign up for Young Living without knowing a member pursuing the business opportunity. When this happens, they randomly assign the new member to a sponsor.

Where do you find a quality Young Living Sponsor?

If someone you know has been talking to you about Young Living essential oils, please consult with them to receive their Member ID.

If you need a sponsor/enroller, I would love to invite you to join us. We have a team with active mentors all over the world who are skilled at coaching how to use essential oils safely and effectively, train our team to focus on member needs and lifestyles, and are skilled with teaching modern business strategy practices that honors your mind, body, soul, family, and friends.

You are welcome to get started with Young Living through our team.

Be sure to checkout our New Member guide the walks you through the process or contact us, if you need a little help.

How do you find your Young Living Sponsor ID?

Your Young Living Sponsor ID is your Member ID. You can find your Member ID by logging into your Virtual Office, clicking on My Account. You’ll see your Member ID next to where your photo is (if your account is connected to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) or your photo placeholder.

This number is what you want to use when you sign someone up. Your Member ID should be placed in the Sponsor and Enroller blocks.

If you’re going to enroll a new member, and want to place them under a different sponsor, you’ll need the sponsor block to have your downline member’s Member ID while placing your Member ID in the Enroller block.

You can also find your unique log-in link where Young Living will automatically fill in your member ID in the Sponsor and Enrolled blocks of the new member sign up process by clicking on Member Resources in your Virtual Office. From there, look in the left hand menu for “Link Builder.” Your Member ID is automatically populated in the input section for Sponsor and Enroller as well.

The neat thing about using the Link Builder is that you can input a downline member’s Member ID into the Sponsor Block and your Member ID in the Enroller block to automatically populate a sign up link that will stack that new member where you want them in your organization.

10 best traits every Young Living Sponsor should embody

At some point during your Young Living journey, you may decide to share essential oil and healthy lifestyle benefits with other people. If you chose to become a sponsor for a new member, please consider embodying these traits to best support your team.

  1. You need to know proper essential oil safety, the true stuff, not just the hype or internet inaccuracies
  2. ALWAYS BE COMPLIANT. Do not make any medical-related claims, diagnoses, or treatments unless you’re certified and actively practicing medicine and only speaking with your clients.
  3. Know your members and their lifestyles and needs. Focus on which products will best serve each and every one of your enrollees.
  4. Be a perpetual student in healthy lifestyles, essential oils, and in communications (knowing how to best communicate with your members is imperative).
  5. Be connected in your team support groups and with your upline leaders.
  6. Purchase your essential oils desk reference to help your members and prospective members with looking up questions
  7. Provide a reference guide to your new enrollees to help empower them through knowing which essential oils to use and to have a safety guide available (I use the Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide from Life Science Publishing)
  8. Know and understand current marketing trends to grow your business this is important so you’re not spamming people or ruining relationships with your friends and family because of what many people did back in the 90s that doesn’t work efficiently anymore.
  9. Learn and understand your members’ strengths, personalities, interests, and needs BEFORE teaching them how to grow their Young Living businesses. Personalize their business plans to set them up for success.
  10. Purchase an iTovi to provide biofeedback scans on your members and prospective members to show them which oils would benefit their current needs the most. This is extremely helpful to help show them the value of Essential Rewards. ** iTovi is an expensive device, but it IS tax deductible in the US (I’m not sure about other countries, you’ll need to consult with a tax specialist local to you).

Can you change your Young Living Sponsor?

Yes. But please note, we do not advocate for changing your Young Living Sponsor, unless it is absolutely necessary.

I do fully realize that sometimes there are safety or sanity reasons for needing to change. If you’re not receiving the support you need from your sponsor, I highly recommend looking in your Virtual Office under My Account and contacting one of the individuals who shows up in your Upline, such as your Upline Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond leaders. they’ll be able to help support and guide you through your Young Living journey. If your reasons to change are based on safety or sanity needs, then there are ways to change, depending on how long you’ve been actively purchasing.

If you decide to change your sponsor anyways, below are the requirements:

Within 5 days of signing up, you may call or live chat with a customer service representative and ask them to change your sponsor. You will need to provide them with your Member ID, your Pin, and your desired Sponsor’s ID (if you have one). This is free to do.

Within 30 days, you may email Young Living at and ask them to change your sponsor. You will need to provide them with your Member ID, your Pin, and your desired Sponsor’s ID. This is free to do.

If you’ve been a member for more than 30 days, you will need to pay a processing fee, submit an upline approval form signed by 3 “upline” members, and provide in writing that you understand any downline you may have will be forfeited.

If you’ve been an inactive member for 6 months (meaning you haven’t made an order within 6 months), you will need to pay a processing fee, and provide a written statement requesting the sponsor change with your requested Sponsor’s ID (if you have one). In that statement, you’ll also need to mention your understanding that you’ll lose your downline if you have one.

If you’ve been inactive for more than 12 months, you will be able to request the change to whichever sponsor and enroller you want online when you sign into your account and reactivate your account. No written letters, fees, or requests will be needed. You are also able to change your sponsor and enroller by calling and reactivating with an order over 50pv.

You must have a new sponsor ID to provide to them or they will randomly reassign you to someone, which may or may not be a good idea.

All sponsor changes and being inactive for 12 months or more will result in losing any downline you may have had.

If you’re considering changing sponsors, please check out Young Living’s Sponsor Change FAQ sheet.

Check out this worksheet to help you find and become a Young Living Sponsor

I’ve created a worksheet to help you discover what to look for in a Young Living sponsor based on my personal experiences, and the experiences of people who have reached out to our team for help.

This is free for you to use. Please do not share it with anyone else. You are welcome to share this post or this link for them to receive their own copy. We do periodically update all of our printables and ebooks, and would prefer for everyone to receive the most recent copy. Be sure to use the coupon code YLSPONSOR to receive it free.

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Nicole Graber, team leader, author, and editor to EssentialOils.Life and blog websites.

This post comes as a question we’ve received in our email, and that we’ve seen in a few times in our Facebook groups. If you have a question you’d like to have answered, please feel welcome to contact us!


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