Available Essential Oil Courses

Below is a list of all our current online courses available for you to take. All of our courses are not brand-specific when it comes to the information provided and essential oils suggested, though we do have a few pre-made blend recommendations that may be used in place of any DIY options for our students who don't have the time or mental energy to spend on DIY.

If you do not see a course you're looking for, please contact us and provide your recommendation. We are always looking for new content ideas to best serve our readers, and value your opinion.

These courses are all self-paced, with no time limits. And there are no additional purchases necessary to take these courses.

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Available Courses About Essential Oils

These courses are for informational use only and are designed to help you as an individual. If you know someone who would benefit from one of our courses, please refer them to our website to create their own account. Do not copy or disseminate our information to anyone else without explicit consent from our website owner, Nicole Graber.

How to qualify to take our courses for free:

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