Hello And Welcome!

Hello! And Welcome!!

Have you ever browsed through the products around your home and actually spent the time sifting through ingredients labels?

Overwhelming, huh?

All sorts of bottles… different shapes and sizes… filled with promises to make your life smell and look amazing… Then you see it… word after word you’re not even sure if you can pronounce, let alone understand what it is. You feel that pit in your stomach, not quite sure whether you really want to know what those words mean… until you look it up… “endocrine disruptor… carcinogen… reproductive toxicity… neurotoxin… environmental hazard… allergen…” and the list goes on… >cringe<

I’d venture to believe we aren’t so different… at one point, we had bought into shady marketing tactics filling our homes with products containing harmful ingredients, and dealing with the frustration of enduring unexplained seasons of health that required some extra care. Then… either through one fell swoop or a little at a time… we pieced through everything, replacing it all with healthy, safe options… and watched in sheer delight how it enabled our bodies and minds to heal.

If you haven’t experienced the total bliss with how that feels yet… then we need to talk.

You deserve to live your best life. To do this, you need products in your home that support wellness (not take it away). After years of searching… we found truly healthy options that are adaptable to fit in well with every lifestyle, so your life isn’t totally disrupted during your transition to healthier living.

What are you waiting for??

Who Are We??

Here at EssentialOils.Life, we are a multinational leadership and education team specializing in helping you take better care of yourself (and family) because we believe you’re too busy and important to feel tired, rundown, and stressed.

When you remove little-known harmful chemicals from your office and home products, you feel lighter, clearer, more energetic, and healthier. This helps you live more purposefully and be present in both your professional and your personal life.

You deserve to live happier and healthier life, with ample focus and energy you need to get things done and enjoy your time.

  • Intensify your focus and clarity so you can be more efficient in your career and more present with your family
  • Boost your mood, feeling happier and more capable
  • Obtain energy, naturally, without crazy side effects or “crash”
  • Enhance your personal and spiritual development by developing deeper connections to your subconscious, Higher Self, The Universe, and God.
  • Increase your intuition, inspiration, creativity, efficiently pursuing your career, hobbies, and volunteer activities.
  • Healthy skincare (and cosmetics) that nourishes your skin and won’t poison you
  • Essential oils to purify your air, support your body, and enhance your food/drinks
  • Effective cleaners that are safe, toxin-free, and efficient at cleaning any mess

Oils and products you may receive FREE this month:

Are you ready to find and grow your purpose??

Our team of healthy lifestyle consultants is expanding. Our training focuses on genuine business practices to honor each leaders’ strengths, interests, and lifestyle, while exceeding the needs of our clients.

What we do:

  • Provide healthy choice strategy that compliments our customers’ lifestyles
  • Assist you in removing products from your office and home that may be contributing to health issues, productivity problems, moodiness, excess exhaustion… and more…,
  • Recommend healthy personal care products, essential oils, supplements, and cleaners proven to enhance your overall wellness,
  • Strategize methods to supplementing your income streams with our home-business opportunity… without spamming friends, family, or strangers (Optional),
  • Strategize how to work from home (even with kids running around without losing your mind) so you can live free to enjoy your life the way you want it lived (Optional),
  • Provide continuing support to have your questions answered appropriately and thoroughly