Is Your Toothpaste Toxic??

In all reality, bad oral health is known to contribute to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other conditions (not to mention physical and financial pain involved in dental work). So obviously we want to cleanse, clean, and protect our oral wellbeing as much as possible. There are several chemicals lurking in your home that aren’t

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Crystals and Essential Oils

I will be sharing a series of posts with information on how essential oils can be used along with crystals to enhance and improve your overall wellness.  *A Quick Disclaimer* these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor Health Canada. This event is for informational purposes only and is not

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Remove Toxins From Your Makeup and Skin Care

Makeup… Face wash… Soap… Lotion… Exfoliators… Makeup remover… Acne treatments… Sunscreen… Moisturizer… Serums… What do they all have in common? Extremely loose regulations with little government oversight allow companies to use many toxic ingredients and ingredients without safety data while manufacturing your makeup and skincare. A few years ago, I had no idea of the

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Cleaning Without Chemicals

You clean your home intending it to be clean. But what relatively few people understand is how harmful most cleaners are to your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Even the cleaners claiming to be “green” or “all natural” (which is 100% legal according to the FDA and FTC). The gut-wrenching fact that we are all

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Is Your Home Toxic?

If you purchase your cleaning and personal care products from the local or chain department or drug store and don’t pay attention to the ingredients label and what each item is and what those individual and mixed items can do to your body, chances are, you have a toxic home. Although your body is incredible

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Control Bathroom Smells

Bathroom adventures can be quite embarrassing, especially when you’re not the only one home. Knock out the embarrassment by controlling toilet smells. I previously wrote about surviving your in-laws, where I mentioned needing to diffuse some Purification essential oil blend to keep from routinely walking through a brick wall of stench brought to us by

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