Discover How To Make Simple Lifestyle Shifts To Live Healthier, Happier, and More Purposeful Through Simple Methods That Actually Works

Proven step-by-step simple shifts customized for your lifestyle to help you reignite your intuition and create a deeper sense of self-care, so you can relearn to love yourself again.

Hello and welcome! Here at EssentialOils.Life we are here to help you design your life around self-care and nontoxic living through balancing the 6 major areas of life: mind, body, family, home, social life, fun, and fulfilling career… without losing your sh*t or becoming consumed by guilt caused by unrealistic expectations.

We're here to help you:

  • improve your life by creating better habits, seeking self-improvement and self-care
  • enhance your relationships with your family by helping you value and love yourself so you have more value and love to provide to those you care most about
  • improve your health by helping you identify and remove harmful chemicals from your home
  • improve your emotional health by helping you identify and remove disruptive thoughts from your mind so you can reconnect with yourself and your family
  • re-learn how to love yourself, “flaws” and all
  • inspire you to become the best version of you… the you that you dream about becoming

EssentialOils.Life Membership

Our membership option is for anyone not already a Young Living CustomerIf you're already a customer within the EssentialOils.Life team and would like to activate your free access to our courses and team training center, please let Nicole know at with your member ID number.

What you get when you join Young Living as a Wholesale Member with us:

  • 24% lifetime discount, when you choose to subscribe to your customized monthly wellness box (plus earn points in every subscription order to use to choose which free items you receive)
  • 24% annual discount when you choose to make a 100pv+ order
  • Earn additional free oils for qualified monthly orders (OPTIONAL – see our Current Promotions page for more info)
  • Ability to grow your own Young Living essential oils business and make generous commissions without any “account upgrades” (see our work with us page)

Our EssentialOils.Life Team Members' Exclusive Benefits:

  • Access to our exclusive online communities (in English) via Facebook, Mighty Networks, or Telegram
  • Complimentary individual and group consulting with regards to pursuing a healthier, nontoxic lifestyle, and using essential oils safely
  • A thriving team with a supportive and active online community
  • Monthly courses or challenges through our exclusive Facebook Group and Website Course Manager (links emailed to new members) about a variety of topics including:
    • Using essential oils to compliment your lifestyle
    • Methods of self-care that will leave you feeling refreshed
    • DIY and holiday ideas that avoid using popular products containing harmful ingredients
    • Using natural methods to increase focus, inspiration, confidence, and energy
    • How essential oils can enhance your personal development endeavors
    • Using natural methods to help you sleep better, relax, and feel refreshed
    • and more…
  • Monthly courses including how to identify and remove toxic products from your home and office, so you can stop paying companies to compromise your health so you can be more physically and mentally capable to take on life
  • Complimentary access to our favorite business resources, references, and Nicole's business coaching with your enrollment as a Brand Partner through the links on our website. (Simply create an account, and purchase a Business Essentials Kit)

Why Young Living

We strongly recommend Young Living essential oils. After spending well over a year comparing brands of essential oils, we were blown away by Young Living's quality.

As an experienced essential oil user, Nicole (EssentialOils.Life's founder) felt like a beginner all over again, learning the hard way that 6-8 drops of a Young Living essential oils in her diffuser was WAY too much. At that point, she realized the amount of money she would save by using less and living by the mindset of “less is more” when it comes to oil use.

Young Living's Seed to Seal program promises transparency and quality on how their:

  • seeds are selected for planting…
  • plants are cultivated (weeding is done by hand, not chemical and old plant matter from previous distillations are used for compost)
  • plants are harvested (chemical-free)… immediately distilling their plant matter at low temperatures and pressure for extended amounts of time (a costly process that unlocks many more constituents than competing brands)…
  • testing at every step of the way, including at bottling.

Any oil batch that doesn't meet Young Living's rigorous standards are rejected (if done through a partner farm) or sent to be used as compost (if done through one of Young Living's farms).

After feeling blessed to have found an oil brand that stands up to Nicole's sustainability and chemical-free standards, she used her knowledge in seeking nontoxic lifestyles and self-care and put it to use to support a few friends who wanted high-quality oils and oil-infused products in their lives too… and thus EssentialOils.Life was born.

How to begin your Young Living membership through our EssentialOils.Life team:

Are you ready to enroll in Young Living with our EssentialOils.Life team and be provided access to all our education and support benefits? You may still be eligible to join our membership program.

If you have any questions or need any help deciding which kit is right for you and to strategize which products will help you the most, please contact one of our leaders, or email Nicole at