Tips for Using Essential Oils for Eldercare

There are many resources available across the internet about using essential oils for kids, but not many people are talking about the other end of our life cycle. Using essential oils in eldercare. While it may not be at the top of your mind during your initial essential oil resource searching, as we age, essential

4 Non-Toxic Ways To Keep Kids Clean

Keeping kids clean is no easy task, especially when you’re out on the town going shopping, playing in public spaces, getting dirty in nature, and just living your everyday life. Have you seen the news? ABC News reported about Consumer Reports warning parents against using disinfectant wipes. This is difficult for me because so many

Our Best Secret For Surviving Your In-Laws

Although not everyone has tough to handle in-laws, there is always that one in every family who has a knack for getting under your skin and on your nerves. And then it happens. You get that call. They are coming, or you are going. For better or worse, it’s that time again to plaster a

With all the scary stuff going on with YouTube Kids and the MoMo challenge tormenting so many littles, use this DIY monster spray featuring essential oils to help your kiddo fight off monsters and enjoy their room with confidence

DIY Anti-Monster Spray for Kids

Nightmares, monsters, scary sounds… there are no shortage of things causing kids angst at night. And now with the crazy YouTube Kids revelations where parents have found disturbing content embedded in what should be harmless kid shows, our little ones have even more to fear. While we cut the cord on YouTube Kids and well…

11 Alternatives for Baby Powder (and Talcum Powder)

Baby powder… its not all what we’ve been lead to believe it is. There are numerous health dangers to using baby powder, especially on babies and on sensitive areas. Thankfully, there are alternatives you can use that are just as effective, and actually healthy for your and your family. But first… what is wrong with

Supporting Your Child’s Sleep

** A guest post by Amber from Amber’s Intuition Do children ever stop? I mean… that time of night… every night… it starts. Finish dinner… relax as a family… brush teeth… potty… pajamas… and BAM “I don’t have to go sleep in my bed!!!” between sobs and massive tears streaming. Bedtime routine never seems to

Supporting Your Strong-Willed Child’s Emotions

Do you have strong-willed child emotions running rampant in your home? The thought is often enough to make any mother cringe. I don’t know how your family is, but my boy is fantastic at displaying his wide array of intense emotions in what may often seem to be the most lawless way possible. Fear Nervousness Anger

18 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Child’s Focus

Focus. It’s not something anyone with a willful child is used to seeing. I’ve noticed when my ASD son is focused, you know its something he thoroughly enjoys as he loses himself for hours in his favorite tasks… nothing else matters. Breaking that concentration is impossible. If there is something he doesn’t have an intense

Healthy Gifts for The New Mom and Baby

It is an exciting time when a new parents welcomes a new baby into their family! We have some great ideas to use essential oils for both mom and baby to enhance wellness, increase happiness, and sooth those fussy moments. ​Before we dive in, I would like to share a quick disclaimer. Information in this

How Essential Oils Saved My Wedding

In the days leading up to my second wedding I was a wreck! I threw myself into every detail making sure every single thing was hand made and met my perfectionist expectations. I planned every detail because I wanted so badly for everything to be perfect! I was marrying the most amazing man and I