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Hello and welcome! I truly do not believe you're on this page on accident. We offer a variety of coaching programs and courses you're officially invited to be a part of.

We offer 2 main coaching programs where the basic format is the same:

In both programs, together we will:

  1. Discuss your goals in detail, identifying how you want your life to be, your values, your current lifestyle, your needs, and your timeline, cultivating the space you need to feel validated, worthy, and able to achieve those goals.
  2. Reverse engineer a customized flexible plan to achieve those goals based on your lifestyle, needs, and interests
  3. Mindset assistance to encourage you to pursue your goals even when life seems difficult. By shifting your mindset together, we will enable you to see the obstacles challenging you, and take a look at them from a different perspective to learn what those blocks are trying to teach you so you can move past them feeling lighter, motivated, and more capable
  4. Emotional healing modalities to clear the blocks preventing you from moving forward so that you're able to take the action steps you need but have previously felt too hesitant or incapable to actually do
  5. Spiritual growth, guiding you through rediscovering yourself, and rebuilding a relationship with your body and soul on a whole new level, bringing more joy, purpose, gratitude, and worthiness into your life
  6. Routine accountability calls where we discuss your wins and struggles, and adapt your plan as needed so you can stop feeling stuck, and actually achieve the goals you dream about reaching, so those dream goals may become a reality for you.

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