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7 Essential Oils That Support Your Body Through Chlorine Exposure

Did you know that your body absorbs chlorine while you’re swimming? Did you know that you can naturally support your body to help protect yourself from it? Yes!! There are essential oils to help support your body through chlorine exposure 7 Essential Oils That Support Your Body Through Chlorine Exposure There are many cleansing oils

75 Simple Energizing DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Essential oils are excellent tools for increasing your energy, without dealing with the dreaded afternoon slump or caffeine crash. Here are 75 DIY energizing essential oil blends (plus our favorite non-DIY pre-made blends).

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Complete Guide To Using & Making Beard Oil

A beard is one of the most classic symbols of manhood, and a natural adornment for the face, a lot of people are still learning what it really means to care for a beard. Unkempt hair can be coarse, dry, and in some cases it can even smell bad. One great way to handle all

15+ Best DIY Essential Oil Blends To Deodorize Your Home

One of the factors of living inside is that at some point, there are funky smells to contend with (especially if you’re like us and have kids and dogs), where you will want to take necessary steps to deodorize your home. Gross smells in your home may be caused by a variety of events, whether

8 Perfect Essential Oils to Use for Natural Oral Care

Using essential oils in your natural oral care routine is an excellent way to cleanse and freshen your mouth without using harmful or potentially harmful chemicals often found in most oral care products. ** Please Note… All the information in this post is not meant to replace dental care from a dentist or dental professional.

Nontoxic DIY Hand Sanitizer With Essential Oils

I never thought we would see the day where hand sanitizer is something the stores cannot keep in stock. It’s literally flying off the shelves leaving many families without, especially in large cities. Instead of fretting over whether or not you’ll be able to find any, stock up on some supplies to make your own

DIY Summer Pedicure

Summertime wouldn’t be the same without those barefoot moments, sandals, beach time, pool time, or making memories at the lake. None of which you’ll want regular shoes for. Treat your feet to some self-care using these gorgeous-smelling DIY Pedicure recipes featuring lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil, and eucalyptus essential oil.

DIY Geranium Face Mask

Self-care… its one of those things we do to show our bodies how much we care. Our bodies do a lot for us, and taking the time to periodically do little things to make us feel good and cared for is the key to living happier and healthier. And just like Grandma’s homemade cookies always

Restore Smelly Flat Towels with this DIY Towel Refresh

Don’t you just hate it when your towels start to get a bit funky? You wash them, but something just doesn’t feel or smell right. You have two options: turn them into rags and go buy new ones… or restore those tired towels for more use. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend that extra expense

Ways To Use Manuka Essential Oil + FAQ & Safety Info

Manuka has a lovely, woodsy aroma that has a long history for helping with respiratory support, skin support, and immune support. It is calming to the nerves, strengthens your mental resolve, and promotes an overall well-being feeling. It is stabilizing and calming, which is perfect during stressful moments. Our favorite ways to use Manuka Essential

20 Favorite Uses for Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil has a grounding wood aroma, reminiscent of the tree. The aroma is very cleansing and purifying. Tea tree essential oil has many great benefits and uses, including cleaning, and in your wellness cabinet too. Just make sure you use the real stuff… What is Tea Tree Essential Oil and How Is

12 Uses for Purification Essential Oil Blend & FAQ

Purification essential oil blend is our go-to oil for anything smelly and buggy. Its fresh scent is so pleasant and has such versatile abilities that it belongs in any essential oil lover’s oil collection. What is in Purification Essential Oil Blend? It contains citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, lavandin, and myrtle essential oils. Citronella– a key essential