Nontoxic DIY Hand Sanitizer With Essential Oils

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I never thought we would see the day where hand sanitizer is something the stores cannot keep in stock. It's literally flying off the shelves leaving many families without, especially in large cities. Instead of fretting over whether or not you'll be able to find any, stock up on some supplies to make your own using these DIY hand sanitizer featuring essential oils.

The good news: more and more people are switching gears and seizing healthier options… many whom may have never known the harmful ingredients in typical store bought hand sanitizers, such as:

  • triclosan,
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate,
  • Parabens,
  • Ureas,
  • Synthetic Colors,
  • Diethanolamine (DEA),
  • Propylene Glycol, Propylene Oxide, Polyethylene Glycol,
  • Synthetic Fragrance,
  • 1,4-Dioxane,
  • Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) and Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol)

If you're using store-bought hand sanitizers, make sure they're not containing any of those ingredients. There is no need to “clean” your hands with chemicals that are harmful to your skin or your neurological, endocrine (including thyroid), reproductive, respiratory, and digestive systems. Remember… your skin is like a sponge. What goes on your body only takes 6 seconds to absorb into your skin, and within 26 minutes will be in your blood stream circulating throughout your body.

Instead, in this post we will give you two recipes you may use to make your own hand sanitizer. The first one features using alcohol… the second does not.

Bonus – at the end I'll share where we've been getting our favorite non-DIY (truly healthy and nontoxic) hand sanitizer that is still in stock online, despite all the hand sanitizer shortages in stores.

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Homemade DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe Featuring Essential Oils

10 oz Aloe Vera Gel
4 oz Isopropyl Alcohol (or high-proof vodka)
2 tsp Vitamin E Oil
30 drops Thieves Essential Oil
7 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Instructions for making your hand sanitizer:

1. Mix your aloe vera gel and alcohol together in a small bowl.

2. Add essential oils along with a drop or two of any other oils you want to add for scent. Lemongrass, orange, lavender, and peppermint are all excellent choices.

3. Stir well and use a dropper or small funnel to pour your hand sanitizer mix into 2oz bottles. *** Be sure to use an actual funnel. I highly recommend a stainless steel one… and recommend against using a plastic bag to pipe your hand sanitizer into the bottles because it is a weak plastic and essential oils do not play nice with plastics.

Add distilled water (or colloidal/ionic silver) to thin to your desired consistency, especially if you want to turn this into a convenient spray.

This recipe makes approximately 8 bottles of 2oz spray or squeeze bottles or one 16oz pump type bottle.

Use as you would any other type of hand sanitizer.

Non-Alcohol DIY Hand Purifier Featuring Essential Oils:

People who have dry, cracked skin can use this without the pain and skin-drying that alcohol causes. 

You can also add distilled water or witch hazel to this recipe to make a spray. Add to your desired consistency.

diy hand sanitizer
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My Favorite non-DIY hand sanitizer featuring essential oils:

I absolutely LOVE the Thieves Hand Sanitizer from Young Living. They use high-quality ingredients, no harmful chemicals, and have set industry standards for their essential oil quality. Owning most of their own farms and having strict quality control procedures, Young Living ensures they have full control of their plant matter through planting seeds, weeding by hand, harvesting (without chemicals), distilling (without harmful chemicals) using low temperatures for long periods of time, and bottling. Plus they welcome people to visit the farms and be a part of the process, showing true transparency. This is the closest I've personally been able to find to knowing your farmer and having a true farm-to-table approach in my journey looking for high-quality essential oils.

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