How Essential Oils Saved My Wedding

In the days leading up to my second wedding I was a wreck! I threw myself into every detail making sure every single thing was hand made and met my perfectionist expectations. I planned every detail because I wanted so badly for everything to be perfect! I was marrying the most amazing man and I had no doubt he was my other half. As the day of the wedding dawned, I started having panic attacks. The thought of getting remarried after the last time sent me into a spiral I had never experienced before. I had no doubt about my hubby to be but I knew marriage changed people.

Well, my darling fiance knew of my love for lavender oil and had bought me a little 5 ml bottle of lavender oil a few weeks before the wedding. So I grabbed that little bottle of oil and carried it with me all day. Every time I felt that spiraling panic start I just pulled it out and smelled it. By the time my mother arrived to help me get ready, I was so calm she asked what I had taken or smoked. No one believed me when I said nothing!

How essential oils saved my wedding... no more jittery runaway bride!
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My maid of honor was a perfectionist and an Army veteran. She knew how hard I had stressed over the details and wanted to make everything perfect for me. The best man was a Marine reservist and a bit high strung. It seemed like the calmer I got the more they stressed out… funny how that works sometimes. Apparently, I forgot the toasting glasses at our house an hour away. When my maid of honor came to me and told me, I calmly said, “Then we can use regular cups.” I think she almost fainted and she thought I had lost my mind! No one had ever seen me that calm and I think it scared the ones that knew me well.

So just before the wedding was supposed to start, I was in my dress and everyone was just waiting around, My mother in law to be walked in and said, “Can you talk to the best man? He is kinda scaring people (with his intensity)”… I laughed and asked that he be sent in. My parents and the photographer were in the room and when he walked in, I pulled out my little bottle and shoved it under his nose and just said, “BREATHE!!!!!”

Needless to say, everyone started laughing and were a bit relieved to find out how I was staying so calm!

Morale of the story… DO NOT BE WITHOUT LAVENDER!!

Three years later, I still use lavender oil to help me stay calm when things get stressful and my collection of oils for many other things also! My current favorite is Motivation but more on that in another post! 🙂

Thank you for reading my story with lavender helping me stay at my wedding!


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