Genetics. Do We Have A Choice??

Thinking back to high school biology and long conversations with my parents (a physician's assistant and a nurse), it was common knowledge that genetics is everything.

  • They choose what color eyes and hair you have.
  • They choose the shade of your skin.
  • They choose your height and weight.
  • They choose what ailments you're predisposed to.
  • There are even arguments that favor genetics playing a role in personality and sexual orientation.

Do we have a choice in our genetics?? There is no question about it: genetics play a HUGE role behind the scenes in our day-to-day life. But are they the “end all be all” of what health obstacles (or lack thereof) you will endure in your lifetime? Do you have any choice?

Well, I happen to think so and a growing number of healthcare professionals are thinking the same way. What if you are wrong about thinking the job of genetics is set in stone and not able to be changed? This concept has triggered a whole slew of research for me. It is humbling and awesome.

This video is a Periscope recording by Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton. He is an eclectic chiropractor in Texas and breaks down how genes work and how, through nutrition, we are capable of turning off certain genes that trigger diseases.