Why Should I Use Essential Oils?

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Other than smelling amazing, essential oils have many properties that help you feel better without any nasty or toxic chemical additives that potentially could produce annoying or dangerous side effects. There are plenty of reasons to use essential oils.

Essential oils can help you to:

  • overcome occasional nausea,
  • reduce occasional tension headaches
  • reduce muscle soreness,
  • regain control over your stress and tension,
  • your child feel better while teething,
  • support healthy respiratory, nervous, digestive, and circulatory functioning,
  • boost your immune system,
  • promote a healthy emotional well-being,
  • support overall well-being
  • and MUCH, much more…

I’m truly amazed by the human body and have personally experienced how important it is to provide our bodies with “boosters” that support healthy functioning in a world where we are constantly bombarded by toxins everywhere! Essential oils truly have been a blessing to use everyday, helping my family heal from exposure to toxin exposure instead of just applying another “band-aid,” and I know you can have similar results! We have been so impressed and excited about my results that I found it too difficult not to talk about them. Therefore, we’re sharing them with everyone!

Reduce your toxin load

In today’s world, its nearly impossible to be free from all forms of toxins. We do, however, have full control over what is put on and in our bodies and the bodies of our families. In fact, the average American home contains 60 hazardous products! That’s pretty crazy considering Americans on average also spends 60-80% of their lives indoors.

Hazardous ingredients are found in everything from antiperspirants to perfumes; from toilet bowl cleaners to skin care products to air fresheners. Roughly 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream within 26 seconds!

So if you’re slathering yourself with paraben-laced lotions, those parabens can go directly into your bloodstream and disrupt your endocrine system. There is no reason to smother your skin with phthalates or parabens or anything else potentially hazardous to your health. You can decide to switch our personal care, hair care, and cleaning products to safer alternatives than the chemical-laden ones off the local box store shelves. Even products labeled as “green” or “natural” aren’t necessarily free from toxins.

Essential oils are fantastic alternatives to toxic or potentially toxic ingredients, with cleansing properties that are useful for just about any task you can think of.

We use them for almost everything in our home, including:

  • ingredient in our toothpaste
  • add to coconut oil for oil pulling
  • in our cleaning products
  • air fresheners
  • gets rid of trash can and shoe odors
  • in our homemade and purchased lotions and skin care
  • in our shampoo and conditioner
  • in our soaps and body wash
  • baking ingredients (we use essential oils to make homemade baking extracts)
  • nontoxic colognes and perfumes
  • linen sprays
  • As fragrant ingredients in our skincare

Why should you use essential oils?

Because they…

  • are incredibly versatile
  • help support your body in amazing ways to help you feel better
  • provide an answer to relieve our bodies from daily toxic exposure.

Because you should be able to choose what is put on and in your body and the bodies in your family.

  • You don’t have to submit to being smothered in endocrine disrupting parabens or phalates.
  • You don’t have to deal with “unexplained illnesses” that are directly caused by the side effects from over exposure to chemicals in your personal care products.

Because those crunchy hippies with their oils enjoy life more because they feel better without being bogged down, foggy, or moody all the time.

Here is a quick video from Dr Jim Bob Haggerton that further discusses why you should use essential oils (one of my favorites).

Nicole Graber, team leader, author, and editor to EssentialOils.Life and nikkygraber.com blog websites.

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