Delicious Holiday Recipes Featuring Essential Oils

It is the holiday season… my FAVORITE for cooking and baking. I do love using essential oils as a flavoring agent, especially when running out of herbs and spices. Cooler weather outside provides the perfect excuse for keeping the oven on a bit more, and puts you in the mood for fall comfort foods like

Herb Goat Cheese and Yogurt Dip Recipe

If you’re looking for a delicious, healthy appetizer to serve at your next get together, you’ll want to make this delicious fresh take on homemade Herb Goat Cheese and Yogurt Dip Recipe, featuring vitality essential oils. We love using cheese dips and yogurt dips as appetizers and snacks, and naturally they work together brilliantly, especially

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Ningxia Red Ice Pop Recipes with 8 Flavor Ideas

These DIY homemade Ningxia Red ice pop recipes is kid-approved, filled with superfood nutrients, and is beneficial to gut health. A great way to treat yourself and your kids without using sugar, artificial colorings, or harmful additives. What we love about these Ningixa Red Ice Pops The family bonding is my absolute favorite thing about

Gingerbread Cream Cheese Muffin Recipe

This recipe is is an essential oil inspired rendition of Disney’s Gingerbread Cream Cheese Muffins. This timeless recipe is redone using vitality essential oils in the recipe. Why? Because I don’t always have fresh or dried spices on hand, especially with us being on the move a lot and often full time living in an

Blueberry-Lavender Ice Cream

Treating yourself doesn’t need to involve sugar overload, and later punishing your body for skipping out on your healthy eating lifestyle. Making your own ice cream is a great way to spend time with your family while creating a healthy treat that your mind and body will both appreciate. When I started making my own

Homemade Waffle Recipe with Essential Oils

If your family is anything like ours… breakfast is a big deal. We recently moved to Texas after spending three long years in Virginia with my husband on sea duty with the Navy. Over those 3 years, we had a total of 12 weeks where we were together as a family. Of those 12 weeks,

Quick Homemade Pickles Recipe

Sometimes you just want a pickle, without the canning hassle… or perhaps you’re like me and would love and eat pickles more if you had access to some that weren’t quite so… pickle-y. Lets face it… I could easily eat my weight in cucumbers (#noshame), especially when its warm outside. And there are no refuting

Delightful DIY Fall Diffuser Blend Recipes

Fall is in the air. Can you smell it yet? Having recently moved to Texas, I’ve been relishing in seeing friends’ social media posts talking about crisp fall air and sweater weather… while we are still arguably sitting in summer weather, craving a break from the 90+ temperatures. All the more reason to indulge in

Thieves Tea

How To Safely Make Thieves Tea

Perhaps you can feel some scratchy sensations in your throat… or perhaps you’re here because you want something different for your tea this morning that will warm you and have you feeling great. It’s all over social media… people are dripping their oils in water of all temperatures. Whether it is lavender lemonade, their morning

is it ok to ingest essential oils? is there a safe way to add essential oils to drinks or food? how can you consume essential oils safely? are there health benefits to consuming essential oils?

Can you ingest essential oils safely?

Are essential oils safe to ingest? There is an awful lot of controversy throughout the internet on whether or not it is safe ingesting essential oils. Many people say no, while just as many others give testimonials on how they’ve never had any issues, and even feel better than ever when they do. Then there

Lavender Lemonade to chill you out and calm you down

In the middle of a hot summer, on of the best ways to cool down and refresh yourself is with an ice-cold glass of lemonade. But, what if your lemonade could be more than just refreshing? Adding some lavender to your lemonade can provide many healthy benefits… especially when you choose to skip the sugar.

Our Favorite Kid-Approved Pasta Sauce Recipe

I spent years perfecting one of my family’s favorite dinners: spaghetti. As I evolved in my nontoxic journey, I found my cooking took a turn too. One day, while having a major craving for spaghetti, I realized I was out of a few herbs we needed to make my sauce from scratch, and of course

20+ Oregano Essential Oil Uses + Safety & FAQ

Oregano has so many uses and is perfect to keep on hand, especially during changing seasons because of it’s incredible immune system boosting properties. It is made through steam distillation with fresh Oregano leaves and is a wonderful addition to your favorite recipes! 18 benefits and uses for Oregano Essential Oil Very rich in phenols