Best Water Bottles To Use with Essential Oils

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What are the best water bottles to use with essential oils? You want to ensure you're not just using any plastic bottle because most essential oils will degrade the plastic over time, causing plastic particles to leach into your drink. This will increase your body's toxin load, and may over time cause health issues.

Disclaimer to ingesting essential oils

Ingesting essential oils is always a hot topic, and often recommended in unsafe manners throughout the internet. While yes, ingesting essential oils has very little research behind it, many people have experienced truly amazing effects.

No… you do NOT NEED to add essential oils to your beverages, but if you choose to do so, please ensure you're ingesting essential oil safely.

Glass Water Bottles to use with Essential Oils:

Personally, I LOVE using glass. I only drink out of glass glasses at home (often mason jars because I also have little kids who love to break things). When we are out, I either drink out of stainless steel travel mugs or glass water bottles with a silicone sleeve. Even without adding essential oils to our beverages on the go, I still prefer to not use plastic anything. My family much more enjoys the taste of everything we consume when it hasn't touched plastic.

I've personally found Life Factory to be one of my favorite brands of glass bottles. Their silicone sleeves has saved us numerous times from a broken glass being dropped. We started out using them as baby bottles (that my kids never used because they have always refused bottles), and quickly upgraded to their adult counterparts.

I love how they have numerous styles and colors in each style. Makes using them a bit more fun when each of our family members are able to have their own fun design.

We loved them so much, we also invested in some regular Life Factory glasses for in our home… after my 2 year old spent less than 2 months tipping our regular glasses off the table, shattering 9. The silicone sleeves have truly been glass-savers!

Stainless Steel Cups to use with Essential Oils

I totally get it… sometimes glass just isn't what you need. Like when making your favorite tea or other hot beverage. Or just some flavored water not in a glass bottle. For this, we LOVE using the Yeti stainless steel mugs… and sometimes pair them with stainless steel or silicone straws.

But… are there safe plastic water bottles you can use with essential oils???

I highly recommend against it. If you NEED to use plastic, be sure you're using a high quality plastic. Think plastic bottles with the recycle number 1 on them… otherwise known as PETE plastic.

This type of plastic is created in a manner that is less likely to leach in your drink. you shouldn't notice any funny tastes from this type of plastic as you would from regular single-use water bottles.

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Nicole Graber, team leader, author, and editor to EssentialOils.Life and blog websites.

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