Using Essential Oils with Moon Phases & Energy

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 Albert Einstein taught us everything is energy. Essential oils and the moon are no different. Both provide different energy frequencies that impact how we feel both physically and mentally. And when you use essential oils intentionally with the different moon phases, you're able to amplify their effects.

When I first started using essential oils, I was a complete skeptic on how well they'd work. But was pleasantly surprised by how much they have positively impacted my personal life, my family life, my professional life, and my overall mental and physical wellbeing (hence the creation and expansion of this website). Now… I encourage you to start inviting essential oils in your moon energy practices, your daily meditation practice, and really everywhere in your everyday life.

How You Can Use Moon Phases To Benefit Your Life

The moon helps connect us to the Earth’s rhythms, and influences our own natural cycles. When we are in sync with nature, it is easier to listen to our intuition and spirit guidance. Healing with the moon cycles also helps us make time to listen to our intuitive selves. This deeper connection allows us to dive into the depths of emotional and spiritual healing we need, and let our inner wisdom speak to us.

As we move through each lunar phase we can use oil frequencies to connect on a much deeper level with the energy that is available to us. Essential oils are potent when it comes to support of our physical well-being, and also are amazing high vibrational energetic tools where the ways you can use them are literally unlimited.

** PLEASE NOTE ** Don't be fooled by clever marketing. Not all essential oils are created equally. Make sure you're not wasting your money on fake or altered essential oils (even if they're labeled as “pure essential oil”). Don't miss our explosive report outlining the dirty little secrets of the essential oil industry to ensure you're not wasting your money on brands of oils that legally mislead you through deceitful marketing practices.

Moon Phases and Practices

Here is a list of the lunar phases and the energy associated with each transition, along with suggested essential oils and affirmations to use with each phase. 

The New Moon and Full Moon show us more intensity with their energies, so we've also included a few suggestions to add into your routine.

New Moon Phase

The New Moon is an excellent time to embrace new projects, ideas, plans, thoughts, relationships, and the changes we wish to invite into our lives. This is the time to seed your intentions, and being open to new possibilities that may enter your life.

The New Moon provides hope, a time for faith and renewing our commitments. It brings a mindset for fresh starts, and reminds us that there is always an opportunity for rebirth.

During a New Moon phase it is wise to sit in reflection and journal. This is an ideal time to let go of what is no longer in alignment with your path, your purpose and your dreams. In order for us to manifest what we want into being, we need to clear away what is no longer serving us and make room for what is to flow into our lives.

Energy: New Beginnings

Essential Oils: Abundance, Cypress, Lavender, Bergamot, Patchouli, Grapefruit 

Affirmation: My world has an abundance of love, trust and compassion.

5 New Moon Rituals To Consider:

  1. Smudging releases and clears stagnant and negative energies that have accumulated, and cleanses your environment and yourself, allowing space and energy for what we are going to have flowing into our lives through the next moon cycle.
  2. Setting intentions with a grateful heart. Journal through your wishes, dreams, intentions, and desires as specifically as you can. Read it out loud, being thankful for them.
  3. New Moon Checks for manifesting abundance and prosperity in your life. Write your New Moon check within 24 hours after the New Moon each month. This helps you harnesses the creative potential that occurs during this powerful time when we seed what we desire into the Universe.
  4. New Moon Affirmations to start a new season in life. Affirmations like: “I am reborn in this new moon” for new beginnings. “I embrace new beginnings in this new moon.” “I let go of what is no longer serving me and open to what is.” “I am open to receive”
  5. Focus on gratitude. Take extra time to really hone in on what you're thankful for in your life to help attract more reasons to be thankful.

Waxing Crescent Moon Phase

A waxing moon follows the new moon.

During the Waxing Crescent, focus on one thing that you want to come into life during the lunar cycle. This is the perfect time to focus on intention.

Energy: Intention

Essential Oils: Ginger, Myrrh, Rosemary, Coriander, Cypress, Lavender.  

Affirmation: I relax into my intention. I breathe.

First (Waxing) Quarter Moon Phase

During the Waxing Quarter Moon Phase, the sun and the moon provide unique energies allowing you to see issues that have come to light since the new moon.

This is the perfect time to look at challenges you're facing, and decide on whether you want to proceed, shift directions, or make complete changes.

Energy: Decision Making

Essential Oils: Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemon, Wintergreen

Affirmation: I move towards my dreams with courage and creativity. 

Waxing Gibbous Moon Cycle

During the Waxing Gibbous moon cycle, it is common to feel a jolt of high energy. This provides you with perspective, and you may also feel that things are finally falling into place.

Energy: Refinement

Essential Oils: Bergamot, Thyme, Copaiba, Pine, Juniper, Cedarwood.

Affirmation: My life is filled with love and joy and I attract everything I need. 

Full Moon Phase

Full moons are spiritually and emotionally nourishing. They have a strong gravitational pull on Earth, which makes it an ideal time to allow creative energies to flow.

While New Moons are associated with new beginnings, Full Moons represent the culmination of energy: fruition, completion and celebration, as well as releasing and shedding of the old to pave way for the new.

Because the full moon increases psychic and emotional sensitivity, many of us feel its effects, often starting days prior to the full moon. Learning to manage our emotional wellbeing during a Full Moon can help us create powerful shifts in our spiritual wellbeing and our lives.

Energy: Release and sealing of intention

Essential Oils: Release, Cardamom, Eucalyptus, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang.

Affirmation: I AM releasing all that is not in alignment with my greatest and highest good.

Rituals To Consider During A Full Moon

  • Journal, allowing your unconscious mind to flow through your pen. This helps patterns and issues that are not in alignment with our truth and highest good that we may not consciously see come up into light.
  • Smudging with sage sticks or sage essential oil spray. This helps remove negative and stagnant energy that could keep you stuck.
  • Charge spiritual tools by leaving them outside in the moonlight. Many people recommend “smudging” them first to clear any residual energy. Then re-charge them by setting intentions with each item.
  • Moonbathing by relaxing outside in the moonlight. While sunlight is energizing and uplifting, Moonlight awakens our intuitive, receptive, spiritual side. Absorbing full moonlight is especially healing for us women as it nourishes your sacral chakras.
  • Create your own Moon Oil by leaving the essential oils listed above outside in direct moonlight during the Full Moon to amplify their energy
  • Take a relaxing bath using the essential oils listed above

Waning Gibbous (Waning Quarter) Moon Cycle

The Waning Gibbous follows the full moon phase. This is the perfect time for reflection. Take some time to reflect on the things in your life or thoughts in your mind that are blocking you from living the life you want. 

The Waning Quarter Moon is a signal for you to go within and do the internal work. Commit to yourself through embarking on personal development, philosophy, and spiritual and emotional healing through forgiving past events and embracing love. I highly recommend ho'oponopono prayers during this time.

Energy: Gratitude

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Myrte, Citrus Fresh.

Affirmation: I remind myself that rest is just as important as taking action!

Waning (Third or Last) Quarter Moon Cycle

The Waning Quarter Moon Cycle signals for us to go within and do internal work. Allow yourself to commit to yourself during the moon phase.

This is the time for deep reflection. Take time to reflect on the whole lunar cycle that has come to pass, all your intentions, all your lessons, what you've healed, where you've grown, what is serving you, and what is no longer in alignment.

Energy: Release

Essential Oils: Peppermint, Cardamom, Frankincense, Fennel, Sandalwood, Tangerine

Affirmation: Now that I am receiving, I give back from a place of abundance.

Waning Crescent Moon Cycle

The Waning Crescent Moon Cycle signifies the final phase of the entire moon cycle, occurring just before the new moon.

During the Waning Crescent Moon Cycle, it's time to surrender. Let the past be in the past. Forgive any pain it brings. Realize mistakes made and failures endured are learning opportunities designed to help you grow who you are as a person and as a soul. Forgive yourself for any unkind thoughts you've had about yourself or others, and let go of the energy.

Energy: Surrender

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Geranium, Sage, Basil, Cinnamon, Lemon.

Affirmation: I let go of the past and understand that mistakes are growth. 

How to Use Essential Oils During the Moon Phases

Using essential oils during the different moon phases helps to ignite your energy and give a boost physically and emotionally. The vibrational frequency of the essential oils have powerful effects on our mind and emotions and are a helpful way to support the intentions of each lunar phase. Suggested blends can support transitions on a mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual level.

Essential oils should NEVER be burned! They can be added to a diffuser or place a couple drops in the palm of your hand, rub palms together three times to activate the oils and cup your hands over your nose and inhale a few times. 

Another great way to use essential oils is in a moon ritual bath. Baths are often the ritual of choice with the moon because of the intrinsic relationship between the moon and water. Make sure to add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to epsom or sea salt to ensure that the oils disperse evenly.

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