6 Crucial Steps To Starting A Young Living Business

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Starting a Young Living business is an exciting moment. There is so much potential to grow and manifest your dreams.

While it's not easy, there are 6 crucial steps to start your own Young Living business that will set you up for success.

6 Crucial steps to starting a Young Living business

Business doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it is best to keep it simple. While you could build and grow your business in a countless number of ways, it all boils down to 6 simple, yet crucial, steps.

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1. Have a Young Living Essential Oils Brand Partner Membership

If you aren't already a Young Living Brand Partner (formerly known as a Young Living Distributor), the first step is to sign up for one here.

(If you need it, we do have a tutorial on how to sign up to be a Young Living Brand Partner)

If you have a wholesale membership, then make sure you place an order for 100pv or more any month you are elligble for commissions (50pv to only earn the starter kit bonus).

2. Connect with other people in a caring and authentic manner

People love to buy, but they hate being sold to. And those social media messages that cold-pitch are a thing of the past. As are the setting up a coffee date to casually bring up your business or products. This is considered spammy methods that will only cause a loss in your credibility and decrease their trust in you.

So, how can you connect in a manner that honors both you and the people you want to invite to use your products or business opportunity?


Be you. Share pieces of your personal story on social media, through videos, and/or in blog posts. Share which Young Living oils and products have helped you with. Or share about what the business opportunity has done to benefit you and your family. If you don't have personal stories yet, collect them testimonials from team members (with their permission of course), and share about how impressed you are with their results.

When someone talks with you about a problem they're having that you know you can help with, ask them if they'd be open to a solution. Tell them you may know of a way that may help, and ask them if they'd the open to hearing about it. This is best done in person. Use your social media posts to generate curiosity, and take the conversation offline… where you listen more than you speak.

What do the people you're networked with need? How will they feel when those needs are met? What can you do to listen to them in a manner that makes them feel valued and important. ** This means you listen to understand – This does NOT mean to listen to reply.

As you LISTEN, acknowledge their struggles, and empathize with them, you gain more trust. When they feel valued, and are confident you have their best interests at heart, then they'll be more likely to buy from you.

3. Share information

Whether you benefit form it or not, offer advice. Offer information you may already know. Talk with them about different solutions to their problems. Ultimately this is what we do: solve problems.

If you want more money, solve bigger problems

Seriously. Focus on what you can do to best help the person you're talking to. And then focus on the benefits of what solving that problem can provide. Focus especially on the emotional benefits.

4. Enroll your new customer

To enroll your newest customer, be sure to give them your member number to use as the Sponsor and Enroller blocks in their sign up process.

You can find your member ID number by logging into your virtual office and select My Account. It will be listed there.

You can find your number in your virtual office by clicking on “Member Resources” and then “Link Builder” in the left side menu

In your Virtual Office, go to Member Resources, and then Link Builder to get your link.


Head over to your Young Living shopping account, and click on My Account, then Share YL, where you can get your main sharing link or links to specific products created for you.

All your new customer or Brand Partner needs is to make sure they input your member ID into the referral block when they check out. But giving them your link should automatically populate it.

Which Young Living Products or Starter Kit Should You Recommend:

While starter kits are no longer required for becoming a customer, I do still recommend them, or recommend creating a custom kit. Having a set of basic oils to get started with creates a much more impactful experience with experiencing the power of pure essential oils.

Using Young Living products are a great way to achieve greater wellness and self care in all areas of their life: mental, spiritual, physical, and social. To know which to recommend is is really going to depend on your conversation.

  • If they're needing healthy supplements, talk with them about the Ningxia Red premium Starter Kit.
  • Worried about toxic chemicals or wanting natural products for their home? Suggest they create a cleaner home with the Thieves Premium Starter Kit
  • Are they intrigued by CBD? Suggest the CBD Premium Starter Kit
  • And of course… the classic Premium Starter Kit with Essential Oils is the most popular starting point.

Tailor your recommendations to fit their needs. But also let them know that purchasing a Premium Starter Kit helps them earn the 24% discount (friends don't let friends pay retail pricing).

My team leaders usually recommend the Young Living Premium Starter Kit with the Desert Mist diffuser. But definitely take a look at what would best serve your new customer and suggest the appropriate one.

When do you suggest the Loyalty Rewards Program?

I highly recommend starting on the Loyalty Rewards Program (formerly known as the Essential Rewards Program) right away, especially now that there are no minimum purchase requirements, though let your new partner or customer know that to earn points, they'll need 50pv or higher order totals. You can set it up so the first Subscription order goes out the following month or is combined with your customer's starter kit.

If your customer signs up to earn Loyalty Rewards right away when they make their initial account purchase, then your new customer will receive any qualifying promotional free products and be eligible for wholesale prices, too (even without purchasing a starter kit)!

Keep in mind, they are welcome to cancel their subscription at any time. I just cringe when I think back to the 100 points I missed out on when I first joined Young Living because I didn't think I would be ordering enough to make the subscription worth joining (I was so very wrong, and enrolled in my 3rd month). $100 in free products is nothing to laugh about… not to forget the exclusive free promotional items that I also missed out on.

5. Guide them through using new products and needed changes

When they first receive their starter kit, they may feel a bit overwhelmed. Walk them through the products they've received, and show them how to use them safely and appropriately.

I like to do this by setting up a welcome email series using an autoresponder like MailerLite or MadMimi (I've personally used both and prefer MailerLite). Many people use MailChimp, but I don't recommend them because they've been deleting many wellness bloggers' and MLM professionals' accounts without warning. I love using an autoresponder because I can make sure everyone gets the same emails on a predetermined schedule… this means less repeating myself, and a LOT of saved time, while still providing useful information and value to my new customers.

Provide them a reference guide and add them to any support groups you or your mentoring team leaders may have to help support them. I have a full post all about supporting new customers and being a high quality sponsor that I highly recommend you check out, including suggestions for reference materials and social groups (like a Facebook Group) that are not team specific.

Check with your Upline about support groups they run to use. If your sponsor doesn't have one, reach out to your Upline Diamond. If you don't have a sponsor, we would be happy to help you (get started here).

Focus on support, resources, and benefits

After you enroll them, make sure you're providing resources to help empower them to gain the answers they need. I always provide a comprehensive reference guide to my new customers who purchase a Premium Starter Kit from Life Science Publishing (more about that when we talk about tools below…)

If they don't enroll in Subscribe To Save right away, then continue to follow up with them about what they like and dislike about their oils. Where are they confused, which ones are they going through the fastest.. and most importantly that they're actually using what they purchased! (We've had a few customers purchase a Premium Starter Kit and then had it just sit on a shelf for months… don't let that happen to your new enrollees!)

6. Always grow who you are, what you know, and who you know…

This business requires some intense personal development practices. You'll never out-earn your level of personal development. Make sure you're always growing who you are through mindfulness, service, and either reading personal development or business books, listening to personal development or business books, or watching speeches about growing who you are.

You'll never out-earn your level of personal growth

There are many ways you can grow who you are. Personal development is not a one-size fits all process, but it is a needed process for every person. Whether you love to read books, listen to podcasts, or watch videos… there are tons of resources for you to take advantage of to expand your mind. Grow who you are, gain confidence, and step into who you are as a beautiful soul.

I also have a list of podcasts on my becoming a quality sponsor post that you won't want to miss. And there is a list of books I have personally read and loved over on my recommended reading page.

BONUS: Always Follow Up

DO NOT FORGET – follow up. Sometimes people just aren't ready to enroll right away and need time to think it over. Sometimes it takes a few times of following up before they'll be ready. I've had several customers where I needed to follow up with them once a month for over a year before they were ready.

If your new customer isn't enrolled in Subscribe To Save, you start the process over again. What do they need? What benefits can having the subscription offer them? What can you do to help them get started?

And whether or not they join Loyalty Rewards at all, you should always strive to continue following up. Check in with them. How are they doing? Are they using the products they purchased? Is there anything else you can recommend to benefit their lives? Is there any way you can support, encourage, or uplift them?

Another way to follow up is to discuss how they can get their oils paid for through the business side of Young Living. Only 6% of Young Living wholesale members take advantage of the compensation plan, and it is definitely not for everyone, but it has blessed thousands of families around the world and may benefit this new customer too. Just remember – there is never any pressure to build a business. Just share from a loving place in your heart.

Be patient. Always follow up.

Converting Young Living Customers into Young Living Brand Partners

Your Young Living Business should rely heavily on customers… pursuing the mission of getting quality and healty products in the hands of people all over the world. But to really skyrocket your earnings and take full advantage of the compensation plan, it is important to help mentor and grow team leaders through Young Living's business opportunity.

The process for recruiting new Brand Partners into your team, or converting your existing customers is. the exact same as we discussed for signing up and supporting new customers.

If they're already a customer, talk with them about the business side of things, where they can earn a supplemental income by referring friends and family to support their minds and bodies with natural, healthy products. Ask them questions, get to know their needs, and think about ways the Young Living opportunity may benefit them. Share with them Young LIving's comprehensive compensation plan, and share with them the benefits they'll receive (like bonuses, all expenses paid trips, education, emotional fulfillment helping improve other people's lives, discounted products, Silver Bound and Bridge To Gold programs, having a meaningful social life, having an excuse to make new friends, deepening current friendships, and why you love your business so much).

Top 5 suggested tools to build a Young Living business

Podcasts to help you build a young living business

I LOVE listening to podcasts. Especially being a busy homeschooling mom. We listen to them every time we are in the car, while walking to the park, and often while I watch my kids play at the park (if I'm not on care calls). My absolute favorite business related podcasts are:

  • Your Virtual Upline Podcast by Bob Heilig – Bob discusses authentic ways of growing your network marketing business that is the only way I endorse out of all the network marketing coaches out there. Be sure to check out his Legacy Leadership program too. I've been in there since January of 2019, and its been worth every penny.
  • The Quote of the Day Show by Sean Croxton – Sean provides ~10 min daily episodes of personal development speeches that are well worth listening to. I don't have the chance to listen to his show every day, but it has been proven to be binge-worthy.

Selecting A Business Planner

Please keep in mind that on this website we do use links that may provide us with commissions on products you purchase using our links. These commissions come at no additional cost to you. You may see more in our disclosure page.

  • I personally use and LOVE Erin Condren planners. I usually get their 12 month Life Planner, but have also used their Teacher Planner and 18 month options when available (usually only available July-December).
  • Diamond Planner is also another great planner. It is made by a Young Living Royal Crown Diamond designed for Young Living leaders, and is shipped quarterly. I've thoroughly enjoyed this planner too, but often our nomadic lifestyle being a military family that moves frequently and loves to explore when not moving, it isn't always feasible for me to be home when its delivered.

Brochures, Graphics, Handouts, and Business Cards for your Young Living Business

There are a few websites that I personally LOVE for paper and digital Young Living business tools to grow your Young Living business

  • Life Science Publishing – I highly recommend the $99/yr membership… if you're actively building, this will totally be worth it to have discounted references, resource guides, and other tools. All their books are Young Living specific, containing information about the blends and only the single oils Young Living has to offer… and many of the resource guides are printed in numerous languages… plus if you're a LSP member, you'll be able to download and provide reference guide apps
  • Oil Revolution Designs – provides physical brochures and customizable graphics. I recommend the $55/yr membership where they'll provide you with customized graphics each month with your name, email, website, and Young Living member ID number listed automatically. You'll also have access to all the graphics they've made in the past, including various classes.
  • Crown Diamond Tools – provides brochures in both English and Spanish. These are great to have on hand or to provide to new customers or Brand Partners.

** If you don't already have a website, Young Living does provide one to you for $9.99 (monthly). You may purchase your own domain (I buy mine from Namecheap for an average of $8.88 per year), and redirect it to your Young Living replicated website. ** For my Brand Partners, I do provide complimentary and customized landing pages here at EssentialOils.Life.

Creating A Customized Young Living Business Plan

Just as there are many different ways to use your oils and oil-infused products (hello Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste as deodorant)… there are also many different ways to grow your own business.

A few examples of ways to build your business (without having to be a traditional sales person) include:

  • Hosting classes
  • Teach classes someone else hosts
  • Social media marketing
  • Casual one on one conversations
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Online Webinars
  • Online Classes
  • Vendor Events
  • (and more)

The great thing about the way Young Living structures their business… there really is no right or wrong method as to what can be successful (as long as you remain within Young LIving's Compliant Standards, of course). What matters the most is discovering the best way that is right for you, and sticking with it through the ebbs and flows, even when everything seems insanely slow.

Insight into my personal Young Living business plan

I started my Young Living business by sharing my personal health story updates on Facebook. I had no intention on running an essential oil business at all, but once a few of my followers and friends noticed the undeniable results I was having using the products, I ended up routinely asked which products I was using, and where they could also find them. I would take the conversation offline, provide my link, and within a week would have a sign up. This consistently happened for over a year as my business organically grew from nothing to Sr Star within the first year of when. Istarted to share about it. No salesy posts. No marketing plan. No uncomfortable sales pitches. No pressure. Just occasionally sharing my personal results, maybe once a month.

Since then, I added a blog to keep track of my own journey. It was much easier to share a link than to rewrite everything all the time when people would ask me in the comments what I've been up to that I've seen such profound health results from. Then I created this blog, EssentialOils.Life, to help support my customers and Team Leaders through frequently asked questions and info about frequently used products. Basically every time someone asked me about a product or oil that I didn't have a blog post for, I'd create one… which has become an incredibly helpful database of time saving value. Another year later, it ended up taking a huge turn, helping to support several thousand people each month. My thriving business continued to grow as new leaders emerged from my list of customers.

Fast forward to today… my business routine consists of blogging where I publish 4 blog posts per month (one post each to this site, my personal site, my camping site, and a guest post on a website I do not control), writing monthly e-magazine newsletters for each of my websites, scheduled monthly care calls to my customers, weekly coaching calls with my team leaders (sometimes more), routine posting on my social networks and groups (Mighty Networks, Gab, and Pinterest), and continually connecting with people online to grow my network. Each of these activities enable me to connect with a list of current customers and prospective customers a few times a week. Overall, I work an intentional 20 hours a week.

Offline, I am always networking and talking with moms in my homeschool circle. When a problem arises, we talk about reasonable solutions. Sometimes that leads into talking about essential oils, healthier lifestyles, or business opportunities. I give them the options, discuss the benefits, and follow up with them to see what they decide. All of our conversations are 100% authentic, focused on them, and tailored to their individual needs.

If the women I network with in person need something I can't personally help them with or benefit from, I still help them go through the process of finding something that works best for them. Why? Because this builds value and trust. One day I will be able to help them with something, and they'll trust me enough to ask me first. And people buy from people who they know like and trust. Plus, this often also results in them sending referrals to me.

Looking for more?

If you're looking for personal help with growing your business, I do offer business coaching for a variety of niches, and would love to talk with you to see if we would be a good fit. I do provide all of my coaching and online courses free of charge to my team leaders (if you aren't currently a Young Living member, you can get started here).