Copaiba Essential Oil User Guide with 30+ Uses, Benefits & FAQ

Copaiba essential oil helps support your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems and your skin. It's also known for enhancing the effects of other oils, calming properties, and ability to soothe the digestive system.

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How Copaiba Essential Oil Is Made

Copaiba essential oil is steam distilled from the copaiba resin tapped from Copal trees (copaifera reticulata, copaifera langsdorfii, copaifera officinalis, or copaifera mltijuga) located in the northeastern Brazil and Ecuador regions of South America.

Benefits of Copaiba Oil

For the longest time, I assumed I did not need this oil in my collection until I received it in my Essential Oil Starter Kit and actually started using it (yes, I've bought several kits – they are the best bang for your money when you're using the oils all the time, especially if you want another diffuser!).

Copaiba oil contains sesquiterpene constituents, including β-caryophyllene, copaene, trans-a-bergamotene, a-cubebene, y- and β-elemene, and β-cubebene.

  • Reduces inflammatory response
  • Soothes joint discomfort
  • Supports your body's digestion
  • Reduces skin blemishes
  • Supports cardiovascular functions
  • Supports immune functioning
  • Assists your body's overall wellness

Copaiba's aroma in the diffuser also helps to elevate your mood, reduce your nervous tension, calm your stress, and help you unwind in anxious moments.

10+ Scientific and Medical Studies Featuring Copaiba Essential Oil

How to use copaiba essential oil

Historically, copaiba balsam essential oil has been used throughout the Amazon to help people heal and support their bodies in overcoming injuries. In traditional Peruvian medicine, a few drops of copaiba essential oil are added to a spoonful of honey and swallowed to help support and boost the body's immune system. It's a valuable essential oil that deserves its own space within your critical oil stock.

There are three main ways to use copaiba oil: aromatically in a diffuser or on diffusing jewelry, applied topically diluted on your skin with a carrier oil, or internally as a supplement.

A carrier oil can be any cold-pressed, seed-based oil (ideally organic and unrefined). This includes most cooking oil, like coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. Personally, we LOVE using sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and the V6 Carrier oil (made by Young Living). This is the best way to dilute your essential oils for topical use.

15 Member-Favorite Uses for Copaiba Essential Oil

Historically, copaiba has been used to help your body by soothing painful joints and muscles, supporting skin health, comforting your breathing, supporting your nerve functioning, and cleansing your digestive system.

  1. Add one drop per ml of carrier oil to a roller bottle (like these) to help support your body healing itself after injury (my favorite is 3 drops each of copaiba, lavender, and frankincense essential oils)
  2. Add a drop of copaiba essential oil to your favorite facial moisturizer to help keep your skin clear and reduce the appearance of blemishes
  3. Diffuse copaiba to help calm your emotions, especially during anxious moments
  4. Make your own DIY perfume using copaiba essential oil and diluting it in your favorite carrier oil, or dripping a few drops on diffusing jewelry
  5. Add copaiba to your favorite unscented bath and shower gel base to create a body wash or bubble bath that helps you unwind and relax
  6. Unwind before bed by diluting a drop of copaiba essential oil and your favorite carrier oil, rubbing it on your wrists, chest, neck, and feet
  7. Create your own room spray with 40 drops of copaiba essential oil in a 4 oz glass spray bottle filled with 1 oz witch hazel, a pinch of Himalayan salt, and the rest of the way with distilled water
  8. Bring copaiba essential oil with you while you're on the go by adding 5-10 drops of copaiba essential oil to a 10ml roller bottle filled with your favorite carrier oil
  9. Dilute copaiba essential oil and rub it on your chest to help support and soothe your breathing
  10. Make your own DIY ache relief roller blend: Blend 8 drops cedarwood with 4 drops CBD, 3 drops black pepper essential oil, and 3 drops clove essential oil, add to a 10ml roller bottle, filled the rest of the way with your favorite carrier oil. Roll on areas of your body that are sore or aching.
  11. Dilute 1 drop to 5ml in a roller bottle to swipe on your baby's jaw to reduce teething pain
  12. Add to your mouthwash or toothpaste to support oral wellness
  13. Dilute at least 50% in a roller bottle to soothe bug bit discomfort
  14. Diffuse to help calm your pet's nervous tension
  15. Diffuse, wear in diffusing jewelry, or apply topically (diluted) to help calm from stressful moments

I personally LOVE wearing diffuser necklaces and occasionally wear diffusing bracelets. You can find my favorite beautiful diffusing jewelry mentioned in our guide to diffusing jewelry.

20 DIY essential oil diffuser blends featuring copaiba essential oil

  1. Cozy Living Room: 3 drops orange essential oil, 2 drops Thieves essential oil blend, 2 drops copaiba essential oil, and 1 drop peppermint essential oil
  2. Feeling Zen: 3 drops of each orange essential oil, Stress Away essential oil blend, and copaiba essential oil
  3. Grounding: 3 drops copaiba essential oil, 2 drops each of lavender and frankincense essential oils
  4. Cleansing: 3 drops copaiba essential oil, 3 drops rosemary essential oil, 1 drop each of peppermint and clary sage essential oil
  5. Changing Seasons: 2 drops each of copaiba, lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils
  6. Happy Vibes: 3 drops copaiba essential oil, 2 drops each of lavender and blue tansy essential oils, and 1 drop of Thieves essential oil blend
  7. Fall Spice: 2 drops copaiba essential oil, 1 drop each of clove and cinnamon essential oils
  8. Bright Unwind: 2 drops each of copaiba, lemon, and black spruce essential oils
  9. Calm The Kids: 3 drops lime essential oil, and 2 drops each copaiba and cedarwood essential oils
  10. Candy Hearts: 4 drops each tangerine and lemon essential oils, 2 drops of spearmint essential oil, and 1 drop of copaiba essential oil
  11. Sleepy Time: 2 drops each lavender, copaiba, and cedarwood essential oils
  12. Mood Lifter: 2 drops each copaiba and bergamot essential oils, and 1 drop of ylang ylang essential oil
  13. Carmel Apple: 2 drops each bergamot, lime, nutmeg, and copaiba essential oils
  14. Beach House: 3 drops Stress Away essential oil blend, 2 drops each copaiba and grapefruit essential oils
  15. Be Still: 3 drops copaiba essential oil and 2 drops frankincense essential oil
  16. Ouachita National Forest: 3 drops cypress essential oil, 2 drops copaiba essential oil, 1 drop basil
  17. Freshly Fallen Snow: 3 drops cardamom essential oil, 2 drops copaiba essential oil, 1 drop clove essential oil
  18. Midnight Blossoms: 2 drops each of jasmine, neroli, orange, copaiba, and sandalwood essential oils
  19. Island Breeze: 2 drops each lime and bergamot essential oils, 1 drop of copaiba essential oil
  20. Superior National Forest: 2 drops each kunzea and copaiba essential oil, with 1 drop of peppermint essential oil

** PLEASE NOTE ** Don't be fooled by clever marketing. Not all essential oils are created equally. Make sure you're not wasting your money on fake or altered essential oils (even if they're labeled as “pure essential oil”). Don't miss our explosive report outlining the dirty little secrets of the essential oil industry to ensure you're not wasting your money on brands of oils that legally mislead you through deceitful marketing practices.

4 ways to use copaiba in recipes and supplements

  • Add a drop of copaiba vitality to a tsp of honey in a mug of warm water as a tea to relax or help soothe the digestive system
  • Place a drop each of copaiba essential oil and peppermint essential oil in a capsule filled the rest of the way with olive oil, and take with a meal, to help soothe your digestive system, or promote your body's natural response to injury or irritation
  • Dreamsicle Ningxia Drink Supplement: 2 oz Ningxia Red, 1 drop each of orange, lime, tangerine, copaiba, and lemon vitality essential oils
  • Add to your Thieves Tea recipe for additional throat soothing

Frequently Asked Questions about Copaiba Essential Oil:

What is the difference between copaiba and CBD?

CBD comes from the cannabis plant, which has been illegal to own and use for many years as part of the war on drugs. Recently, it's become legal to use in most places around the US, providing it has no THC in it. However, CBD is still ILLEGAL for military members to possess or use it, even without the THC content.

CBD is highly controversial but provides many benefits that overlap with copaiba essential oil. The CBD industry is wildly unregulated, and many counterfeit CBD products are being marketed with incorrect information, including being THC-free.

Copaiba is a decent replacement for CBD, though they do have some differences so copaiba isn't going to be as impactful as CBD, depending on what you're using it for. They both have cannabinoids in them and interact with your body's cannabinoid receptors, but the cannabinoids are different.

Don't See A Question You Have?

Have a question you don’t see about rosemary essential oil or rosemary vitality essential oil? You’re welcome to ask in the comments or fill out this form to ask anonymously.

My personal testimonial using copaiba essential oil

I never saw the need for copaiba essential oil because I've always had frankincense around, but one day my toddler son was teething really bad, so we decided to add copaiba to his teething roller. We used 2 drops each lavender, frankincense, and copaiba in a roller bottle filled the rest of the way with sweet almond oil. After rolling it on his jaw, it worked on his teeth pain insanely fast.

Shortly after his teeth felt better, he ran around and collided with the corner of a wall, so we rolled the same roller over where he hit and was surprised to see how happy he was almost instantly. A few minutes later, I tripped over a toy and knocked my leg and arm into the same corner, instantly bruising and tender. I tried out his roller on my bruises, surprised to feel the warming sensation from the oil blend and how quickly it worked on me, too, taking away the pain almost instantly.

After that, copaiba oil now has a permanent place in our home.

Where to Buy High-Quality Essential Oils

Don't be fooled into purchasing substandard, fake, or counterfeit essential oils using clever marketing and loose labeling laws. Be sure you know about the 10 Dirty Little Secrets of the essential oil industry so you can make the best choice for your needs for in-depth information about why quality matters, how not to be fooled, and what to look for

If you're ready to start your essential oil journey, this is our favorite place to purchase from because of their transparency and dedication to doing what is right for their customers and not compromising on their integrity to provide industry-setting quality standards throughout all their products.

where do you buy copaiba essential oil

Essential Oil Blends containing copaiba

Copaiba Summary… Is It Worth Using?

With numerous ways to use copaiba essential oil, it will surely help you with skin, musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and immune wellness.

While I would have never thought to purchase copaiba essential oil if I hadn't received it in a starter kit, it has definitely earned a place in our oily wellness toolkit.

If you haven't tried copaiba oil yet, pick up a bottle and see what you think. It's definitely worth giving a try.

Have you used Copaiba Essential Oil? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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