DIY Belly Bump Oil for Pregnant Women Using Essential Oils

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Love your changing body with this DIY Belly Bump Oil to nurture your skin, bond with your baby, and indulge in much-needed self-care.

Pregnancy is a very special time to bond with your little one(s) prior to their arrival. Seeing all the cute little baby clothes, daydreaming about holding your precious little one, and preparing your home to accommodate another loved one.

During that time, your body is also changing, stretch marks popping up, and the opportunity to learn a whole new level of self-care as you honor your mind and body through the process.

Making your own DIY Belly Bump Oil gives you peace of mind knowing the ingredients you use are pure, safe, effective, and non-toxic while providing an excuse to love on your body and belly, appreciating everything you're enduring.

Why Use A Belly Bump Oil?

You may be wondering, why you should use a belly bump oil? There are a few benefits to slathering some oil on your belly.

  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Support stretching skin
  • Provide a self-care need
  • Bonding with your unborn baby
  • Reducing stress you may be holding on to
  • Plus the added benefit of each of the essential oils you use

DIY Belly Bump Oil Instructions

There are a few things you'll need to get started: an empty oil bottle (preferably with a dropper for easier application), your choice of essential oils, and quick-absorbing carrier oil.

Equipment You'll Need To Make Your DIY Belly Bump Oil

Ingredients You'll Need To Make Your DIY Belly Bump Oil:

This is my favorite blend to use for DIY Belly Bump Oil. You're welcome to experiment with some oils, remove some, add some, or choose one. Having the option to play with recipes is one of the most significant benefits of DIY: Make the aroma yours, so you love what you're wearing.

Directions To Make Your DIY Belly Bump Oil:

  • Fill the bottle halfway with jojoba oil
  • Add the essential oils
  • Fill the bottle the rest of the way with jojoba oil
  • Top the bottle with the lid, and gently turn the bottle a few times to mix thoroughly

To use, apply daily to your belly, breasts, butt, thighs… anywhere you feel the need to, or anywhere your skin feels like it needs extra support.

Baby Bump Oil Recipe Essential Oil Benefits

Each of the essential oils in this recipe has a unique set of benefits and uses.

About Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend

Gentle baby is a proprietary Young Living essential oil blend made with geranium, coriander, palmarosa, lavender, ylang ylang, roman chamomile, lemon, jasmine, and rose essential oils. It nourishes your skin, inspires bonding, and has a calming aroma that helps soothe both baby and mom.  

Learn About Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend

About Frankincense Essential Oil

I typically recommend the sacra variety of frankincense essential oil (also known as Sacred Frankincense), but you can use caterii or serrata just the same. Frankincense comes from distilling Boswellia tree resin. Sacred frankincense is higher in alpha-pinene, a naturally occurring chemical constituent that gives it additional therapeutic properties. Sacred frankincense promotes healthy cell regeneration and is a must-have for any homemade skin care product. 

Learn About Frankincense Essential Oil

About Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil serves as another skincare ingredient favorite. Geranium provides uplifting benefits to your mindset and mood and maintains the appearance of tender, soft skin!

Learn About Geranium Essential Oil

About Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Blue Tansy's naturally occurring constituent chamazulene creates a rich blue color during the steam distillation process. It smells like a combination of chamomile, and blueberries. Blue tansy soothes and moisturizes your skin while reducing redness and irritation.

Unfortunately, Blue Tansy is more expensive than many other oils you could choose. If you're a Young Living member, be sure to sign up for the Subscribe To Save program to earn points and acquire this oil for free. Having used hundreds of different oils over the years, this one is worth adding to your collection, and a little bit goes a very long way. If you don't have access to it right now, that is ok. You can still make the belly oil without it.

Learn About Blue Tansy Essential Oil Blend

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