Blissfully Happy DIY Essential Oil Blend

If you're looking for a bright, uplifting diffuser blend to help elevate your day, you're in the right place checking out the Blissfully Happy DIY Essential Oil Blend.

This essential oil blend pairs 4 drops each of the Joy Essential Oil Blend and grapefruit essential oil. This DIY diffuser blend for feeling happy is perfect for helping you maximize your time smiling and feeling blissful.

If you don't have Joy in your collection, you can get it or make it here: Joy Essential Oil Blend

Blissfully Happy DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Blend featuring Joy essential oil blend and grapefruit essential oil
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Our favorite time to use the Blissfully Happy DIY Essential Oil Blend

This oil blend is perfect for summer time, spring, or any time you're craving a little spring or wanting a quick boost to the mood in your home or office.

I especially love this blend when feeling stuck inside during the HOT Texas summers, or during cold in climate weather… something to help our home feel bright and welcoming.

The Blissfully Happy DIY Essential Oil Blend offers a bright, happy aroma that makes smiling extra easy. It is my go-to for when family and work life feels particularly serious.

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